We all enjoy vacations and travel. Making a memorable travel plan requires a  lot of planning and thinking, and traveling on a budget only adds the icing to the cake. Yes, you read it correctly: it is feasible to travel on a budget. Let’s start with the basics of what budget travel entails in practice.

For a lot of people, travel on a budget is a myth and a part of a fantasy world and on the contrary, some people think and call themselves that they do a lot of travel on a budget. And with that, they just want to emphasize in general that they plan to travel in less money.

Hence, it has a totally different meaning for different people and no one definition can be considered valid and complete.

However, traveling on a budget is indeed real to crack and not a myth.

Furthermore, the concept of budget travel simply means that you don’t have to be a wealthy individual to have a trip plan or to travel. The best travel experiences can be produced without having to go shopping every now and then.

 So, we have classified travel on budget under three points:

  • How much money have you decided to spend on travel?  

The budget doesn’t mean that you have to travel cheaply. It simply means that you prioritize what you want and the money you want to spend for the same.

  • Why we are traveling and what do we want to achieve out of this travel plan?

 Travel might mean dining in five-star hotels and stay at the most luxurious places for some. If this is the thought behind the travel then you cannot be traveling on a budget.

  • How much are you ready to let go of comfort and luxuries while on travel?

A budget traveler would generally be looking for basic amenities and a comfortable night’s sleep. For this traveler thrill and places, he visits have more priority.

There are holidays and travel planners who can help us going for travel on a budget.

However, we need to keep a few things in mind before we discuss this with planners or decide for ourselves.

Plan your travel

 Impromptu travel plans are fun and exciting if we have the luxury of unlimited money and time. When traveling on a budget, it is a must to plan the travel. The basic planning includes the basics like :

  • How many destinations have to be covered?
  • a number of days to be spent over there,
  • what all site seeing to be done and adventure sports to be taken,
  • mode of travel, food and amount to be spent onboarding and lodging.

The more planning is done in advance, the less is the chance of unexpected expenses and it helps to remain within budget. Most importantly avoid traveling on a budget in peak tourist season as everything is expensive during that time.

It’s not a sacrifice you make since in exchange, you get to make memories like all the long and meaningful chats we had with our companions and co-travelers, meeting pleasant drivers when hitchhiking, and meeting a slew of new people. Coming out of your comfort zone and exploring a new environment will not disappoint you.

That’s for all. See you next time.  


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