How to Recover After Partying at Midnight in Atlanta

The rooftop bars, downtown skyline views, sophisticated cocktail bars, and trendy breweries arguably make Atlanta the best and the hippest nightlife city. The groovy vibes of local musicians beckon everyone to join the vivacious atmosphere. Atlanta has a life of its own after dark. But it may not prepare you for a hangover. 

A hangover is the lousiest feeling after the euphoria of a night out. Dehydration, poor sleep, and the breakdown products of alcohol contribute to hangover symptoms. There are many anecdotal tips and tricks to cure a hangover, but how many of them actually work?  Below, we explore proven methods of relieving a hangover 

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is the main cause of a hangover. So, the sooner you hydrate, the better. Drinks with high sugar content, such as soft drinks, are not a substitute for water when you have a hangover.  Ensuring you are properly hydrated before you start drinking can lessen the likelihood of developing a hangover, and you should try to drink water between rounds, too.

Alcohol is a diuretic that drains fluids. By drinking water, you are restoring the fluids your body needs to function properly. 

IV Therapy 

Supercharge your hangover recovery process and boost your hydration with Drip Hydration’s mobile IV therapy Atlanta, which will make you feel better instantly. It delivers hydrating fluids, electrolytes, essential vitamins, and medication to relieve symptoms straight into your bloodstream. 

The best thing about using IV therapy for your hangover recovery process is that it combats stubborn symptoms through a combination of hydration, nutrients, and medication. The results are quick, instant, and efficient. Treatment can be administered wherever and whenever you need it, even in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. 

Eat healthy – greens, sprouts, yogurt, etc. 

The food that you eat in the morning after a heavy drinking session can have a big effect on how you feel the rest of the day. So, you need to eat the right hangover meal so it can soak up the alcohol. Some food items are better than others in combating your brutal hangover. 

If you are going to a heavy drinking party night out, make sure you have nutritious options stocked in your refrigerator for the morning after. Smoothies with ingredients like yogurt, leafy greens, ginger, and mango can help replenish and refresh your body.  Other beneficial foods include simple carbohydrates like toast, green tea, and fruits.  These ingredients protect your liver and alleviate hangover symptoms, helping you recover faster. 

Do light exercise 

Light exercise can help you get rid of mild hangover symptoms by increasing blood flow, loosening tight muscles and joints, and relieving stress by releasing endorphins. Likewise, a brisk walk means getting fresh air, which may help for a clearer head and more refreshment. But the results and the pace of it would depend on the magnitude of the hangover. 

Avoid high-energy workouts such as heavy lifting or boot camp when you are hungover because your chances of getting injured are greater. Plus, working out strenuously will only increase dehydration, making you feel more unwell and weaker. Therefore, stick to gentle exercises such as yoga, swimming, and walking. 

Avoid thinking too much that you have no control over yourself 

Hangovers have psychological symptoms, especially the nervous feeling that you have lost control of yourself, in other words, anxiety. This phenomenon of anxious feelings arising due to a hangover is called hangxiety. Physical hangover symptoms that accompany hangxiety can make you feel worse. 

A few things can help you with your hangxiety:

  • Lying in bed or remaining seated in bed 
  • Take slow and deep breaths 
  • Listen to the beat of your heart and calm down 
  • Try mindful meditation while deep breathing 
  • Unpack your thoughts instead of judging them 
  • Acknowledge them as they pop up into your conscious mind 

Avoid extreme methods

Some people think that doing extreme things can magically cure a hangover. This is a myth and far from the truth. Extremes such as drinking more alcohol in the morning, staying up until you are sober, or even not eating at all are unhealthy and could make symptoms worse. Do not indulge yourself in such extremes. It will only make matters worse. 


The best methods to address a hangover can vary from person to person as your overall health impacts your body’s ability to recover. The techniques reviewed above are a good place to start, as they are backed by science.  If you have any questions about the best ways to recover from a hangover, you should consult a healthcare professional.


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