How to Move Epic Games Titles to Another Computer Location

Consider the following scenario, you’ve just completed downloading a 100GB game from the Epic Games Store. But, it got saved to the wrong location on your PC.

You don’t want to go through the agony of waiting for several hours only to have to download the same files all over again.

What a wonderful thing it would be if you could move the files to the correct location, and the game would operate perfectly.

It turns out that you can. You can use Epic Games Launcher to transfer your game files to another location without wasting your internet connection or, more importantly, your time. 

But, firstly you ask- why change the game location to another drive?

Why change the game location?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to relocate to a different folder on your computer. Perhaps you’re upgrading your storage disc and want to transfer all of your data first. Alternatively, you may simply wish to transfer game files from your hard drive to an SSD to improve loading times and performance.

Even if you unintentionally download a game to the wrong folder, you can quickly correct your error by moving it to the correct location. It’s a lot less difficult than it appears.

How to move?

Although Epic Games Launcher does not have an official option to move game files between drives, a workaround can be used to obtain comparable results. To get started, follow the instructions below.

  • To begin, navigate to the installed game’s folder, which is often C: /Program Files/Epic Games. Then, on your computer, move the game folder to a different location. The game will be automatically removed from your list of downloaded games by Epic Games. 
  • To see all of the titles available, open the Epic Games Launcher and go to the library tab. To download the game, go to the library and click on the game card.
  • The Launcher will then ask you for the installation location; choose the folder where you want the game files to be saved.
  • When the progress metre reaches three to four per cent, stop the download. When it prompts you to cancel your active downloads, quit the launcher (from the taskbar) and pick Exit.
  • Copy the game files from the backup location to the new installation location. Restart the Launcher, and the download will continue. 
  • The launcher will now begin checking the game files you just copied, as well as downloading any missing files.
  • The Launcher will add the game to the list of installed games on your PC after the file verification is complete.

 You downloaded and shifted the game location; how will you manage it?

Manage using Game Launcher

The default download locations can be disappointing for gamers who like to keep their computers organized. Even if your files are saved in the wrong area, the Epic Games Launcher will keep you safe. If you don’t like spending money on video games, Epic Games is your friend. Every week, the Epic Games Store offers free games to everyone with an Epic Games account.

So, these were some steps to help you move and manage your game using Game Launcher. Or do you use another way to relocate your games? Share with us.

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