How to keep your new e-bike running like a dream: Electric bike maintenance

It isn’t difficult to maintain the very best electrical bikes, just you have to follow some important checks before and after using. 

These checks are quite crucial and important if you wish to keep your electric bike in leading condition. A bike in a good condition always gives the best efficiency when you take it out for a trip. 

Well, Julian Thrasher to a news website said precisely – how to keep your electric bike in the best working and condition and what are things we need to understand.

What are the checks you should make before riding?

It’s important to have a check before you plan to go out on your e-bike. Because these couple of quick checks will eventually ensure you that e-bike is all set to give it’s very best, and a safe flight. 

Thrasher says for any electric bike its electrical and mechanical checks are the key elements. In mechanical check, you have to focus on tyre pressures and in case you are having a mountain bike then go for a suspension check as well. 

Why a type check? As per Thrasher type pressure is a crucial factor before riding an e-bike as because with the deflated tyre you might not achieve the exact mark or to say the range you have selected. 

Moreover, in the electrical check make sure that your battery is in a fully charged condition. This battery charge should be performed enough time before your ride, to put in charge if required. Along with this a cable check should also have to be made, added by Thrasher. 

What to do in case you found an electrical fault?

In case you found an electrical fault in your bike than to fix this out quickly never try to disassemble your bike’s drive system or its battery without knowing the actual cause. 

This might result in losing your warranty, without the proper equipment can even cause more damage. Or in sudden cases can even give an electric shock. 

In case you see any error codes on the display then this is something that can’t be tried to solve by your own. This error code should be fixed only by an expert at a bike shop or service centre.

This is all about your e-bike maintenance and checks to have a dream flight always. If you liked this article then Stay tuned and notified for more such tech updates.


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