How To Get The Two Sides Emblem In Destiny 2

Ever since the release of the latest Witch Queen DLC in Destiny 2, the game developers Bungie are started a special offer in which they are giving away Two Sides emblem. Following is the process of acquiring this emblem. After that there is brief explanation of it is. Having said that, let’s see how to acquire it.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The Process

The process of acquiring the emblem is really simple. Bungie is giving the emblem to every player who is buying the new soundtrack of the Witch Queen. The soundtrack is an original and has been created for the new DLC exclusively. The soundtrack is available for purchase at the Bungie digital store for $10. The link for the same is here Once you purchase the soundtrack, you will receive the emblem code for the Two Sides. You should receive it within 24 hours of your purchase in your email. After getting the code, you will have to enter the code on the Code Redemption webpage of Bungie. Close and open the game after you enter the code and you will get the Two Sides emblem. It is pretty easy right? Moving on, we have its use.

How To Use It

The Two Sides emblem and for the record, any emblem in Destiny 2 is used as a decorative item for your Guardian’s armor. Other than that, there is no use of an emblem in the game. Emblems do not give you any advantage other than making your Guardian look better. To equip the emblem, just press the square button on your controller over the emblem you want to equip.

There are a lot of emblems to explore and unlock in Destiny 2. Start with the Two Sides emblem and then go on a quest to find others.

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