For all the Apple fans out there, the company has released the new IOS 14.4 and is available for download for the compatible phones. If your phone is also compatible with the new OS, you can download it right now.

Talking about the changes and updates that Apple has made with their new OS, the company has introduced widgets for home screens which are customizable and can be added to the home screen of your iPhone. You can also customize the main display also with the new update along with other features released like App Library, App Clips, etc.

The IOS 14.4 comes with a lot of new software changes and improvements. It has come with a lot of security updates and new improved features with the applications.

But there is sad news too. The new IOS 14.4 will not be compatible with all the iPhone versions out there. If you are using an iPhone device older than iPhone 6S, then we are afraid you might not get to see the IOS 14.4 update in your phone. But if you have a device launched after the iPhone 6S, then here is a step-by-step instruction for you to update your iPhone to the latest IOS 14.4.

  1. Backup your Phone- Before you start updating your find, you should backup your data because you never know what might go wrong. If something goes wrong, you might lose all your data, so it’s better to back it up so that you won’t have to worry about it.
  2. Download the Update- After you have backed up your data and have made it sure that it’s safe to move ahead, you should go to settings app in the iPhone where there’s a tab named general inside which you will find the update option. Just go there and click on the Download and Install button and the update will start downloading. If there is no update available on your device, don’t worry, it might come in a few days.

And that’s it. The update will automatically be downloaded and after the download gets finished 100%, your device will automatically restart and it will start installing the new update, after the installation gets complete, the device will restart and you will have been updated to the IOS 14.4.


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