How to get better at knifing in Cold War-Pro tips

Call of Duty has emerged as one of the most popular gaming franchises worldwide, with a large player base for the various COD games. The first-person shooter game is also available in various multiplayer modes for players who like to be competitive. From these, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is likely the most popular. 

Besides the fact that the game comes with a great story mode, it has also gained popularity due to its action-packed multiplayer mode. While the game does offer firearms, at times, you may have to manage with a knife. Sharpening your knifing skills is crucial to remain competitive and succeed against odds. Here are some of the best tips that can help you get better at knifing. 

Stay sharp

In games like this, staying vigilant and aware of your surroundings is crucial. You would want to keep an eye on your minimap constantly and listen for sounds such as footsteps. While using a knife, you would essentially want to attack your enemies in close quarters by sneaking up to them. 

This would be impossible if you could not detect nearby enemies. In case you hear the swing of a knife behind you, it is likely an attack from an enemy who missed their target. 

Stick to the walls

If you don’t have a firearm, you wouldn’t want an enemy to see you from a distance, even if you plan to fight him face-to-face. Instead of walking in the middle of a corridor, stick to the wall to the side from where an enemy may potentially emerge. 

This way, your enemy will not see you coming, and you would be able to launch a surprise attack. Sticking to the walls is one of the best ways to carry out a knife attack against an enemy hiding around a corner. 

Use Cold War cheats

Do not feel hesitant about using cheats in this game. In fact, cheats are so common in the Cold War that not using them would put you at a disadvantage. While ESPs and aimbots can significantly improve your performance, wallhacks and radar hacks would let you track your enemies even when they are out of sight. 

However, do make sure to use the best cold war hacks and cheats as the effectiveness may vary from one cheat to another. 

Go for the spawn zone

One of the simplest ways to get kills in the Cold War is to go to the spawn zone of the enemy. By launching surprise attacks on the enemies every time they spawn, you could build up a nice killstreak and turn the match in your favor. 

However, do make sure to not remain at the same spot and keep switching your position. For instance, you kill an enemy from the left side of the room. Switch to the right side to prepare for the next attack. 

Avoid sliding

In COD Black Ops Cold War, players often slide around just for the fun of it. Well, while it might seem like an enjoyable thing to do, bear in mind that sliding also alerts the enemies of your presence. Any player who has been playing the game for a while can easily recognize the noise of sliding. 

You can always slide during emergencies, such as when an enemy spots you and you need to take cover. In case you are sliding to attack an enemy, make sure to knife them at the same time and kill them quickly. 

Be ready for grenades

If you are using a knife, it is quite probable that you may find yourself hiding near the doorway in a building and waiting for an enemy to step in. While this is clever, experienced players know this tactic and throw grenades into buildings if they suspect that someone may be hiding inside. 

If you are hiding right behind the doorway, such a grenade could easily kill you. Instead, make sure to take proper cover to protect yourself from a grenade blast. 

Memorize the maps

Cold War allows the players to play on a large number of maps, each with its own layout. Now, it is crucial to memorize every map and take note of cover areas or places where you should be extra careful. This would enable you to move quickly from one section to another, hide at the right places and set traps for the enemy. 


All these tips should help you get much better at knifing in the Cold War. Building up your mastery with the knife would significantly help you increase your kills and your win rate. On a side note, do not forget that you have a firearm too. Players often get themselves killed simply by forgetting to draw out their guns when necessary. Using everything available at your disposal efficiently is crucial for your success in the game. 


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