How To Get A Legendary Emote ‘Shattered Reality In Garena Free Fire

Garena had launched a wide variety of emotes through the years. And the emotes are the most desired after cosmetic bundles.

Users are constantly going to great lengths to obtain the exclusive ones. And at present, a legendary emote named Shattered reality is purchasable in the game.

 For those who didn’t know that the event is available in a top-up way. The event includes an exciting collection of themed items like a legendary backpack, a vehicle and legendary emote. Interested users can grab this deal as soon as possible.

New age top-up event

The new age top-up event had created on the 4th of January. And offer the survivors three did different rewards after purchasing a particular number of diamonds to enjoy the reward. This top-up event activity has grown common in the game. This new age campaign has started in mid-December.

The exact rewards are given by the developers are as follows 

1. Top-up 100 diamonds to get an irontrasher backpack.

2. Top-up300 diamonds to get Motorbike – ice blossom.

3. Top-up 500 diamonds to receive the shattered reality emote. After completing this task the player can  claim all the rewards.

All the survivors can consider all these rewards for free. They don’t need to spend anything in the game to receive them. Users can follow this guide to purchase diamonds for the event.

         Step 1. Due to the insufficiency of well-known websites like Codashop users can use the in-game centre. 

Step 2. After coming into the game users should boy the given number of diamonds. To get all the items in the top-up event the users need to buy at least 520 diamonds which costs 400 rupees.

Step 3. Once the payment is completed all the diamonds will directly come to your account. After that, the user can go to that event to claim the items. And later the user can equip the emote from the collection tab. 

We hope you enjoy this column. Tell us which emote you loved the most?. You also can share your views on this post.

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