How to Get a Cape in Minecraft (With and Without Mods)

If you like the feeling of a cape billowing behind you, then here is your supreme guide to How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

In Minecraft, capes are said to be one of the most valuable items because it not only reveals how long a player has been playing the game but also which mods one has installed, and which events the player has attended.

Although obtaining a Minecraft cape is not difficult, it will surely give you a headache to understand which level the player belongs to .

Given that capes are not currently craftable, here’s how to get one in Minecraft, both with and without mods.

How to get a cape without mods

Most of the users commonly obtain their capes in Minecraft by completing a particular set of goals and events, or after migrating their accounts. These two are the only ways to get a Minecraft cape without needing mods.

Attending Minecraft events

Between 2011 and 2016, players that took part in the MINECON event received a special cape. These capes were also given to MINECON 2019 guests who were playing Bedrock Edition. Attending the upcoming Minecraft Festival in 2022 will also provide you access to a unique cape.

Furthermore, other capes can be obtained at any moment, although they are only available in the Bedrock Edition:

  • The Pan Cape: provided to players who download beta copies of Bedrock Edition.
  • A total of two dozen additional capes can be unlocked once Bedrock gamers purchase skin packs (e.x. Adventure Time Mash-up, Star Wars Classic Pack). Moving ahead, the player can equip their capes, by going to the character creation page and changing the skin. The player’s unlocked capes can be seen there.

Migration of accounts

3. One of the common items among Minecraft players is the ‘migration cape’. The player has to wait for Mojang to grant the official capes once your account is migrated. This is the only way to receive a cape that everyone can see.

Mincraft theory

Furthermore, in a blog post in 2020, the creators stated that all Minecraft Java Editions would be relocated from Mojang to Microsoft.

Because it was a mandated change, the gamer does not need to transfer their account. Otherwise, they would no longer be allowed to play Minecraft with that account.

On the plus side, after users join in with their Microsoft account, they will be able to unlock a new cape or even more.

Please note that this promotion is only applicable for those who bought Minecraft: Java Edition before December 2020.

Get a cape with mods

Users can get the cloak that gracefully blows behind them as they trout, thanks to the power of mods.

You can get any attractive cape, or even better, any cape you can conceive, in Minecraft. Use any mods you like, including the Advanced Capes mod.

However, there is a disadvantage to this. Unless they have the same mod loaded, other players on multiplayer Minecraft servers will not be able to see your cape.


So, if all you want from a cape is to flaunt it and boost your power attitude, the official technique is the way to go.

These are ways you can get your mighty cape and go on saving the world in your world of Minecraft. But, how did you get your cape?


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