How To Cure a Zombie Villager In Minecraft Easily

Zombies are deadly, ugly and pure annoying anywhere they are present which includes games. In Minecraft a zombie villager can ruin your whole village by infecting the whole village. The end result of one zombie villager can be you killing your entire village just be survive. Now that no one likes to do. Luckily we a simple and effective method to cure them. Let’s get down to the business straight away then.

How To Cure a Minecraft Zombie Villager

The first thing to do is to trap the zombie villager in Minecraft . You can do that by simply building a one room house with a two doors. Get the zombie villager in the room, block both the doors and the zombie villager is trapped. Next prepare a weakness potion by mixing Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder Gun Powder and Water Bottle in a brewing stand. Once the weakness potion is ready throw it on the zombie villager, from a small kink in the wall of the house, to weaken it. Once it is sufficiently week in about maximum 4 minutes, next give the zombie villager a golden apple. You can make a golden apple by placing 8 gold ingots and 1 regular apple in the furnace. Once it is done, feed the golden apple to the zombie villager by right clicking at it while holding the apple. Don’t be near the zombie villager while it heals as until the point the villager completely heals, its zombie strength continuously grows. Provoking a zombie villager in middle of the healing process can be fatal for you as player. Wait outside instead for a maximum of 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you will have a healthy normal villager inside.

That’s it then for now. Spread the word about this cure and help your friends to get rid of the zombie villagers the smart way.

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