Is Minecraft Realms down? How to check if Realms servers are down

The Minecraft Realms division was recently down. While the problem has been resolved by now, players of Minecraft Realms were very upset at the downtime. When did the Realms division go down and how did it happen? The answers to these questions lying ahead.

When was the Realms down

The Realms division of Minecraft was mainly down on the 16th of March 2022. The problem had started as early as 7am ET. Players at this time were mainly complaining that they were not able to log in into the Realms division. That an error message was coming up was the main complaint of the players. Soon Minecraft developers Mojang and acknowledged the problem on their Twitter handle. The number complaints by 9:30pm ET on 16th March 2022 had reached 442. So, what was exactly the problem? Let’s see that next.

The problem

As reported by some trusted sources, the Realms division was down due to some server problem. Server problems on Realms division are a common occurrence as the Realms division of Minecraft is very new. Needless to say, then it is still not bug free and thus it tends to go down from time and again. Ok, we know that when the problem happened and what caused it. When was the problem fixed though?

The fix

The thing with fix is that, the Realms server was not fixed even till 21st March 2022. While the twitter handle of Mojang had reported that the problem had been solved on 16th March 2022, the problem seemed to have reemerged on 21st March 2022. As of now, it is unclear whether or not the Realms server is still down or is it up and running. So, what are the best places to check the status of the repair. Well, we have two twitter handles with us. Take a look at them so that you where to go for help.

The twitter handles

The first one is the Mojang Status Twitter handle. The handle is a dedicated platform for the Minecraft game. All the information regarding server outages, game updates, and game know-how (s) are shared on this handle. The handle has 205.3K followers.

The second one is the Downdetector twitter handle. This handle not only reports problems happening to Minecraft and its Realms division but reports outages of very major game and service that it is available. This Twitter handle has 102.5K followers.

These two handles are the most reliable sources to find out if the Realms division of Minecraft is down. We recommend that you regularly check these two twitter handles to know exactly when the Realms division is back online. We also suggest that you follow these two accounts as they can prove to be useful if the Realms division goes offline again in the future, which we guess is going to keep happening till Realms becomes fully bug-free.

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