How to arrange and utilize a VPN on Apple TV

VPNs are often generally utilized on computer PCs as well as laptops. However smartphone VPN usage has evolved more prominent in the previous occasional years, along with establishment on a broad span of different smartphones, encompassing routers as well as streaming appliances such as Apple TV.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to download, set up, and get started with a new Apple TV VPN. With an apparent assistance, you can ensure your internet exchange and stream various things that are inaccessible in your own nation. 

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Beginning by discovering a favorable VPN 

Few VPNs are restricted to further conventional outlets. Consider Hotspot Shield, for instance – it’s a provider we normally actually prefer, however, the mandatory usage of its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol implies that you can just utilize it on ruled applications and not with the sort of tasks you require for Apple TV.

Likewise, those service proposed is outstanding flexibility by providing you the option to arrange the assistance on your streaming appliance or relate the VPN quickly to your router. We’ll be utilizing ExpressVPN for the objectives of this chart, however, both procedures are attainable utilizing NordVPN, Surfshark, as well as different access in the nicest Apple TV VPN graph.


To organise a VPN on your Apple TV the simpler means, you’ll expect to begin by enrolling the appliance’s IP address. From there, navigate to your ExpressVPN account configurations, and press on Set Up Different appliances. Subsequently, choosing Apple TV, you’ll obtain a MediaStreamer DNS IP Address. Whereas some particulars may differ relying on your provider, this procedure is commonly identical regardless of the VPN you’re utilizing owing to their SmartDNS configurations.

As soon as you retain the MediaStreamer DNS IP Address, got to Network configurations on your Apple device. Discover your recent connection, then choose it to entry advanced configurations. From there, go for Configure DNS, shift from Automatic to Manual, and put the DNS IP Address that you discovered on the expressPN web. You’ll be prepared to utilize your fresh VPN as shortly as you again start your Apple TV.


In case, you’re searching for a means to conserve your Apple TV action or stream things that’s just accessible in different nations, these instructions will assist you organise a VPN by attaching it to your router or Apple TV. Several insights differ from a single VPN to other one, so dig into your provider’s web for additional data about their configuration procedure.

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