How ‘Lucifer’ Topped ‘Squid Game’ On Nielsen’S 2021 Streaming Chart

The Netflix original Lucifer has beaten Squid Game to the title of Neilsen’s top original series of 2021. It is a very big deal for the show to focus on the life of the Fallen Angel.  Let’s see what was the margin of the big defeat for Squid Game.

The Ranking

The annual ranking provided by Neilsen are calculated by the number of watch minutes the show get throughout the year. The number is the total of all the hours spent in watching a particular shows episodes all around the world. Neilsen releases this list every year to highlight what everyone is watching and what is trending around the world. This year Lucifer tops the list with more than 18000 billion watch minutes. Squid Game is in the second position with more than 16000 billion watch minutes. Squid Game came second may be only because it has 9 episodes as opposed to Lucifer’s 93 episodes. We must not overlook the fact that the squid game achieved the second position with just nine episodes which is a feat in itself. Further, in the department of acquired TV series, Criminal Minds top the chart with more than 33000 million watch minutes. Further, in the department of movies, the list was topped by the Disney plus movie named Luca which has more than 10000 million watch minutes.

Well, these numbers seem nothing when compared to the 2020 stats. As in 2020 the series named The Office alone had more than 57000 billion minutes of watch time. This change in number can be explained by looking at the fact that 2021 saw the eruption of a lot of new streaming services which understandably split up the audience. Well, these were the ranking of top TV shows and movies of 2021. The list by Neilsen features 13 more titles in each of the departments we have discussed

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