4 Best Example How AI can change the experience of online shopping

We interact with AI a lot of time, on a daily basis without even realizing. If you’re trying to figure out how many times, then let me tell you it’s more than you think. From online shopping to voice assistance by voice optimization, artificial intelligence has made everything convenient. 

So, whenever you interact with an app that remembers what you have searched then it must use AI. That’s how AI is helpful to enhance your experience in online shopping and bring it to the next level.

In this article, you’ll get to learn the ways of how AI can change the experience of online shopping. 

Voice Assistants

If you’re still using Google searches to shop and compare the prices of products while shopping then wakes up! 

In the current scenario shopping for your favorite stuff is just one voice command away! Now Alexa and Siri are there that can help to shop and compare products. 

All you need to do is to say, ‘Alexa! buy this product for me’. Let Alexa/Siri help you while shopping at the cheapest price.

Isn’t it pretty simple! 

The voice assistant technology can be integrated into your smartphones. This specifically designed voice communication makes a lot of work easier for you. It enhances your online shopping experience just by voice optimization. 

Making Customer-Centric Visual Search

Whenever you shop online as a customer, you may find product results on the page which are irrelevant and sometimes foreign too. Of course, it is annoying. And sometimes it may feel so annoying that you tend to leave the page.

Now that’s when AI comes into action. To make the search result of a product on that page more relevant, AI uses NLP (natural language processes), to contextualize and improve your overall search result. You may be surprised to know that AI also uses visual search capabilities that will eventually match to the product.

And that’s how it makes it possible for us to shop for our favourite stuff that we love. 

Use of ChatBots

You know, how all these e-commerce companies are able to offer 24/7 assistance! That’s only because of the chatbots. The chatbots can offer a customer all the solutions and answers that they might be dealing with.

Now shopping portals even use chatbots that can help you to make decisions about what to buy and what to choose. These chatbots will communicate with you either with the help of a call or text. 

Intelligent Searches

Till now we have seen that AI can make your shopping experience better and search engines smarter. Actually, AI-based search engines track your browsing patterns and interest and do searches as per your preference. This will help you to find the exact product that you may be looking for.

Artificial intelligence-based search engines take out information from big data, with deep learning. This AI technology uses the search term you have entered and then analyses the overall conversation held with the customer deeply. 

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