Hong Kong has reclaimed the title of “Asia’s largest” technology conference.

The title of “Asia’s largest” tech conference has been recovered by Hong Kong. r/> Hong Kong has restored its status as a key Asian technology conference venue. This graphic depicts the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in 2019.

Hong Kong has re-established itself as the location of a major Asian technology conference. This graphic depicts the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in 2019.

Hong Kong has regained its accreditation as the host of a major Asian technology conference, which it had lost last year due to the city’s efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Rise, a biennial digital conference with recent speakers from Uber, Alibaba, and Stripe, said Thursday that it will return to the city next year, with plans to stay for the next five years.

Organizers announced in late 2020 that the event will be relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, citing a desire to study potential in Southeast Asia’s rapidly growing digital economy.

Hong Kong as Asia’s Business hub

The move raised questions about Hong Kong’s ability to preserve its position as Asia’s leading global business hub, considering that the city was still grappling with the impact from large protests in 2019. Leaders of the conference indicated at the time that the political turmoil had had no influence on their choice.

The event will take place in person in March of next year. Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau praised the achievement as “proof of Hong Kong’s success in containing the pandemic 

The ruling is also a little triumph for Hong Kong, which remains anxious about its future as an international hub due to the Covid-19 quarantine regulations, which are among the most strict in the world.

In recent months, the municipal government has come under fire for granting specific exemptions, such as the one that permitted actress Nicole Kidman to avoid quarantine last month. In August, the Oscar winner arrived in the city to film a series for Amazon.

In May, officials were admonished once more for allowing prominent finance executives to request exclusions. The government described the strategy as vital to “keep Hong Kong’s standing as an international financial hub.” HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker, on the other hand, is said to have spent three weeks in solitude in the city recently.


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