Holly Willoughby breaks silence following Eamonn Holmes’ comments about Phillip Schofield

Controversy has started brewing after This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has come in defense of her co-presenter Phillip Schofield. Phillip was demeaned by another celebrity very recently. Who was this celebrity and what did they say about Phillip? Answers to that and more things coming up right now.

The celebrity and their comment

So, the celebrity that demeaned Phillip was Eamonn Holmes. He called Phillip a person who loved snubbing people.

He made the claim in an interview with the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine. Now just so that you know, Eamonn Holmes is a Northern Irish Broadcaster. He was also a journalist when he was younger. Now let’s look at how Holly defended Phillip.

Holly Willoughby defense of Phillip 

In defense of Phillip, Holly praised Phillip as being a kind, generous and patient person. Holly Willoughby went further by saying that Phillip had really helped her at getting her present job.

She said that without Phillip’s help, she would have never landed the job. Holly Willoughby continued by saying that when she joined, Phillip helped her a lot to become confident and guided her at becoming a better presenter for the show. She said that Phillip deserved all the credit for making her into the successful presenter that she had become now. As for where did she made her claims, she made her claims at the special segment dedicated to Phillip on Lorraine Kelly’s morning show. 

Eamonn has not commented on the views of Holly so far and neither did Holly directly say that she was contradicting Eamonn by praising Phillip. The real thing though is very clear and does not require any explanation. What anyone makes out of the whole matter is a personal viewpoint of a person from any angle.

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