Holidaymakers are prepared to amend the government travel list in the face of worries about Covid variants’ effects on summer planning. On Thursday, ministers will revise the system of the destination traffic light, wherein countries could be moved from green to amber and red lists.

Boris Johnson’s statement

Boris Johnson said that, if necessary, the government “would not hesitate” to move countries off the green list. Before announcing adjustments to travel lists, the President has said that he will wait and see what the Joint Biosecurity Center’s recommendations are.

People returning to the United Kingdom from green places must not isolate themselves and only undergo a single coronavirus test after arrival.

Travellers returning from the amber list – including famous places like Spain, France, Italy and Greece – have ten days of quarantine and two post-arrival testings at home while a travel ban on the red list nations remains.

Here’s what the Prime Minister said:

“We are going to try and allow people to travel as I know many people want to, but we’ve got to be cautious. We’ve got to continue to put countries on the red list, on the amber list, when that is necessary.”

“We will have no hesitation in moving countries from the green list to the amber list to the red list if we have to do so. The priority is to continue the vaccine rollout to protect the people of this country.”

Mr Johnson emphasised that there is ‘nothing new in the information to preclude the conclusion of Covid-19 home limitations on June 21. However, he and his Ministerial fellow Members were encouraged to be careful.

The debate continues

The debate continues whether, because of worries over the propagation of the coronavirus variation initially found in India, the last steps of the release of limitations in Britain can continue on June 21.

The Daily Mail report also alerts the ministers to a version originating in Nepal that suggests that this could influence their vacation.

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