Not many times it is observed that a video game series is transported into a movie franchise. Since the inception of the 21st century, video games like Halo and Call of duty were a center of attraction as they were completely based on killing, gunshots, violence and all the bad agent/cop stuff. But with the arrival of the Hitman game series in 2002, a new concept of hitman and assassins was introduced to the video gaming world, the users were not quite ready for this awesomeness. This new game series did not have the same old concept of first person shooting but this game had outstanding specifications which included the use of stealth, mapping, planning and accuracy to take down the target. With all these amazing skills, smooth assassination was executed.

‘Hitman: Agent 47’ was a second attempt to create a movie based on the above-mentioned game series. The movie was quite opposite to the Hitman game series although it was expected. The movie has some unrealistic, loud and exaggerated features which are definitely going to make you wonder, how someone can build such strong visuals. Although the storyline and the characters are quite twisted and not very much expressive with the emotions, the movie will keep you at bay with its action-thriller moments which are basically the base of this movie.

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  • Rupert Friend as Agent 47 / Agent 48
  • Hannah Ware as Katia van Dees
  • Zachary Quinto as John Smith
  • Ciarán Hinds as Dr. Piotr Aaronovich Litvenko
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Antoine Le Clerq
  • Angelababy as Diana Burnwood
  • Dan Bakkedahl as Sanders


  • Produced by: 20th century Fox
  • Directed by: Aleksander Bach
  • Co-written by: Skip Woods and Michael Finch



The story revolves around an agent and a mysterious lady. The agent in the movie is not a typical man but a bioengineering- genetically programmed super human with immense speed, strength, can say. The agent doesn’t have any name, just a bald man with a barcode imprinted on the back of his head. Instead of a name he’s given a two-digit number and his number is 47. Agent 47 is an enhanced man made to be a human killing machine who is quite unstoppable.

The movie introduces various characters and organizations. One such organization is Syndicate International. This organization is seeking out the scientist who initiated this program of making Assassins which are basically killing machines as I said before. In their search for Dr. Litvenko (the scientist), they tracked down a woman named Katia Van Dees, who is somehow related to the scientist.

Syndicate International’s mercenaries are out to find where Katia is, but are stopped as they are blown down on the street with a bomb. This bomb was set up by Agent 47 and before killing every one of them he asks the last person whereabouts of Katia. As the chairman of Syndicate gets to know about the killings of his men, he immediately orders to find the man who killed them and take him down.

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On the other hand, as the movie folds, Katia is observed to be in constant search for a man she doesn’t know but feels like she’s attached to him. She also can’t even comprehend why she’s able to sense and see things which she can’t quite explain to others. In her pursuit to find the man she’s looking for, she meets John Smith on the streets of Berlin, he claims to know what she is trying to find out and where she will get to meet that person. Agent 47 follows Katia and John and shoots at them to capture Katia and tell her the truth about her.

Although Smith takes Katia away and tells her that the person she is looking for is her father, named Dr. Piotr Aaronovich Litvenko. He asked her to remember anything associated with her father but before she could take her head around the new information, Smith was shot down by Agent 47 and he also knocked out Katia so that he could take her away with him.

When Katia woke, she found herself in front of a jet turbine and she’s all tied up. Agent 47 tells her that she also possesses a special skill set just like him and asks her to use her skills to untie herself. She also has a name just like his, number 90. She is more experienced and enhanced and is one of the very first to be programmed.

Will Katia and Agent 47 be able to find Dr. Litvenko?

Watch this action-thriller and find out the answer to this question!


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