His Dark Materials Season 3 Release Date – Cast, Plot, And Filming Details

There are a lot of questions about season 3 of ‘His Dark Materials’ and the most important one is, Will the show go for season 3?

 It is important for the future of the cast of the show that includes Lyra Silvertongue, Will Parry, and Co. We may not be the right ones to answer but HBO and BBC are.

Will the show get renewed? What are expectations from season 3?

The renewal decision is in the hand of HBO and BBC if they want season 3 for the show ‘His Dark Materials’? 

And the third part of the show is not officially renewed by any of BBC and HBO. The point which can trouble the show is its low viewership. 

Season 2 Performance Impact 

The second season’s viewership is quite low than that of the first one. But there is one thing that can go in the favor of the show that it is the last part and with this, the story will be completed and from this, it might get the green light.

Before going to the future of the show, let’s put a torch on the past performance of ‘His Dark Materials’. Season One for the show came out in November 2019. The show beautifully and successfully adapted Philip Pullman’s book trilogy. 

Season two brought two main characters together namely Lyra Silvertongue and Will Parry. They both found their way to the new world of Cittagazze, a city in the sky. Viewers got to see a glimpse of the city at the end of the first part. 

Their relation starts growing and the same with the threat which goes on growing with Magisterium in the world of Lyra. On the other hand, Will introduce many new and key members like Dr. Marry Malone which is played by Simone Kirby.

As the two seasons following two books so the stage has been set for season 3 to follow the book The Amber Spyglass. 

It is the last installment of Pullman’s trilogy. It makes the chances for the third season stronger. 

What will be the cast for the third part?

Since the show is strongly following Pullman’s trilogy, we are  not seeing major changes in the cast for season 3.

 Most of the characters will return including the young lead Dafne Keen, Amir Wilson. Ruth Wilson can also return to play Mrs. Coulter and Dr. Marry Malone will again portray by Simone Kirby. 

Plot Of His Dark Material Season 3

Now, what can be the story for season 3? 

The answer is in season two. 

As it is cleared the season 3 if occur will follow the third installment of Pullman’s Trilogy i.e The Amber Spyglass. The stage for this has already been set in part two of the show. The brewing idea of the war with threatening Magisterium and angles coming and many mysteries to resolve, the third part will be the conclusion of ‘His Dark Materials’.

The filming of the show is expected to start in 2021 so we can expect part three to arrive in 2022.


Let’s see if the BBC and HBO will give the green light to show or not. We would want to see the conclusion of the show and we know the same is the case with you too. 


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