His Dark Materials season 2 ending explained: Unpicking that epic finale

“His Dark Materials” is the 2019 show that follows the life of an orphan girl from another alternate universe who comes to our world to find her missing friend. The show was quite a success and its second season was released on 16 November 2020. [You can watch the trailer of the show here- 


The end of the second season was not exactly laid out for us to understand in the first watch. Here we have done our best to explain the complex ending. Hope you find this useful!

Lee Scoresby, played by Lin Manuel Miranda, is no more. He died trying to defend from Magisterium’s attack. With his last breath, he called out to witch Serafina and evaporated.

John Parry is reunited with his son, Will, at last. Unlike their book, their reunion is not brief. They even discuss Will’s Knife Bearer mother’s fate.

“The fate of many worlds may rest on you, Will… War is coming, the greatest war that ever was. You must go to Lord Asriel and tell him you have the only weapon in all the universes that can destroy the Authority.”

Will is understandably mad, resenting both his terrible father and this heavy burden that fate has placed upon him too. But then John gets shot as well, dying to protect his son, so at least he is there for Will when it counts, right?

Though Will is not happy with such a heavy fate that has been rested upon his shoulders, there is nothing he can do to escape it altogether. “The night is full of angels,” says John before he dies. “They will guide you now,”

As if to follow his order, the angels to appear on the sky immediately. Meanwhile, Dr Mary Malone, a physicist from Will’s world, is wandering around this realm, none the wiser.

From one bad parent to another, we then cut to Mrs Coulter floating away on a ship with Lyra as her captive. “You’re fine now,” says Lyra’s mother. “We’re out of danger. I’m taking you somewhere entirely safe.”


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