His Dark Materials boss, Jane Tranter gives details of Season 2 “missing episode”

His Dark Materials is loved for its amazing story and brilliant roles. The fantasy drama TV series first aired on BBC One on November 3, 2019. The storyline is adapted from the novel series by Philip Pullman, which has the same name. New Line Productions and Bad Wolf are the lead production companies of this series.

What is the storyline of His Dark Materials?

The series follows around a young orphan named Lyra, who belongs to an alternate world. She studies at Oxford University with other scholars. One day, she goes on a journey to find her missing friend and soon finds out a secret that involves many more kidnappings.

Details about His Dark Materials Season 2 “missing episode”

Here you will find out the missing episode of season 2, which was focused on James McAvoy’s character Lord Asriel. Recently, Jane Tranter, who is the His Dark Material Boss, shared some insights of the episode, which got cut from the second part of the series. That episode was said to be standalone, which was all about James’s character. 

Unfortunately, it got canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic. And now, we have got a chance to give more information about the episode. His Dark Material Boss, Tranter, revealed that the missing episode of the second season was going to flesh out the story of the Guild, the story of the Knife, the creation of the Specters, and the story of the Specters.

So after removing the episode, they had to check the details on the airing episodes and re-edit them. Tranter further explained that crushing the eight episodes into seven gave it a feeling of a ‘great intensity’. Moreover, it added to the sense of brooding anxiety.

Additionally, they had to add more information to those episodes, and it did not damage any of the episodes. Tranter also said that it gave it a compelling, intense, and exceptional feeling. It was different, but it was weirdly better. She also shared their plans for the missing episode. She stated that they wish to include this episode in their third season because the new season will be based on the end of [The Amber] Spyglass.

Final Words

Are you excited to watch the missing episode in the upcoming season of His Dark Materials? The first two seasons are available on Disney Plus, so you can revise again before the new season arrives on HBO and BBC One.

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