Hey there filmaholics, hope you all are doing well. Are you fond of Anime? 

If yes, then you must had dealt with Japanese anime ‘High School DXD’. If no, we will recommend you to go through it once. 

Its popularity can be assumed by seeing that the last four seasons are highly praised and now season five for the show is approaching. Stick to us till the end.

 Let’s have a look at the glimpses of the anime:

  • Premiering year: 2012
  • Writing Credits: Ichiei Ishibumi, Takao Yoshioka, and Miyama-Zero
  • Directed Crew: Tetsuya Yanagisawa, Hisato Usui, Jun Hatano, Shigeru Saito, ShinShaku Tanaka, and many more
  • Baseline: A Japanese anime based on high School student Issei Hyodo
  • Total Seasons: 4 till now, Season 5 awaited.

‘High School DXD’ season 1 Highlights

  • Release date: 6th of January,2012
  • Number of episodes in the first season of High School DXD- 12
  • Season 1 ratings and reviews: The show has 8.2/10 ratings given by IMDb.

Storyline: The story gives a brief introduction to Issei Hyodo. He is a high school student who gets killed by a girl Yuuma Amano who shares the first date with him. She reveals herself as a fallen angel Raynare. 

He thinks of it as a dream and starts living normally. Then he meets with Rias Gremory who saves him from another fallen angle. Rias explains to Issei about the angles, fallen angels, and devils. Since Issei isn’t aware of any attack on him, he thinks of them as a dream. She tells him that you have been assigned duties to do.

Then the whole story shows his tasks and survival. The challenges in the story given Issei was being loved by fans , whether it is of a chessboard or a fight with phoenix. 

Issei gets the training and turns himself into a devil. The ups and downs in this series abd suspense kept the audience engaged.

‘I am here to keep my promise’ says Issei, what promise?

The promise to keep Rias Gremory safe. When Issei finds her in danger as in the end you will find Rias is forcibly engaged and Issei enters into a one-on-fight to save her. Let me tell you one thing, in between these tough challenges and actions, you will feel a love story between Issei and Rias growing slowly.

Issei by defeating the Riser saves Rias. Overwhelmed by his determination and feelings for her, she rewards him and decides to stay with him.

Get the glimpse of ‘High School DXD’ Season 1:

‘High School DXD’ New season 2 Highlights

The release date for season two: 7th of July, 2013

Number of episodes of High School DXD Season 2 – 12

Season two reviews and ratings: Season two stands ahead with 8.5/10 IMDb ratings.

The second season of High School DXD is titled ‘High School DXD New’.  It challenges move a step ahead for Issei.

 The season starts with finding the ‘Holy Sword’ which is called ‘Excalibur’ and Issei has given the task to destroy it. The strategies showcased to destroy the swords won the hearts of audience. 

Remember Freed? He isn’t dead, he has ‘Excalibur’!!

As soon as Issei and the group find that Freed is alive, they go in search of him and for the Excalibur a holy sword that is so powerful. But this time Freed is not alone. 

He is accompanied by Valper Galilei. He advises Freed to control the sword and to use it at the right time. Freed considers Galilei’s advice and turns things around in a one-on-one battle with Issei. Later our heroes find that there are seven such swords and all of them in the hands of a troop of enemies. Let’s see what Issei does.

 ‘High School DXD’ Season 2 trailer:

‘High School DXD’ Born Season 3 Highlights

After two tremendous seasons and great responses from the audience, season three brings the same promise of entertaining the audience. 

  • The release date for the third season of High School DXD: 5th of April, 2015
  • Number of episodes of High School DXD Season 3- 12
  • Reviews and ratings of season three: The third season ended with 8.6/10.

As with season two, season three came with a different title ‘High School DXD Born’. Rias Gremory has gained the confidence of Issei’s family as they can be easily deceived. One morning, Issei finds Hyodo’s house has changed into a mansion of three floors which includes a swimming pool, and a training ground. He left with no words when he finds that his parents have been fooled.

The second semester has started. Semester or Summon?

So, our hero Issei is not in the second semester at the Kuoh Academy. Well, it is better if I say the second summon has started for Issei and the group. 

The season portrays Issei’s fighting skills as he takes on the dragon, he fights to save Occult Research Club, and engage in a one-on-one to save his friend Asia. 

And we all know that Issei can do anything for Rias. In the 11th episode of the show, Rias is in big danger and Issei has reached on the spot to save her knowing that he has to give his sacrifice for her. 

So, what happened? Was it the end of Issei or something more is left? Find out.

 ‘High School DXD’ Season 3 season:

‘High School DXD’ Season 4 Highlights

Now, it’s time for the fourth installment of the show. The season again comes with a new title ‘High School DXD Hero’.

  • Release date: 10th of April, 2018
  • Number of episodes of High School DXD Season 4 – 13
  • Ratings and reviews: 8.1/10 by IMDb

So, Issei has saved Asia in the last part and has saved Rias too. Now, it’s time for some fun. Issei and the group go on a trip with the school. Better days finally for Issei but, but he is devil right, nothing is easy for him. 

The trip suffers an attack and our heroes are on duty again. This season introduces a new member or a group of members you have to find out what it is. Its name is ‘Hero Faction’. 

Will Issei Finds It Potential And Release?

After the introduction of Hero Factions, things have again become worse for Issei and the group. Cao Cao an enemy has arrived and wants the Red dragon. The life of Issei’s friends is in danger. He has to do something. Where is his potential?

Will he ever find it? If yes, how will he release? There’s a lot to find out in season four. You will see how a beautiful trip turns into dangerous turmoil. Yes, I know you want to listen to Rias and Issei. Well, I can say one thing he will take a step in this direction.

 ‘High School DXD’ Season 4


What to expect from ‘High School DXD’ Season 5?

The makers have finally resumed the production of the fifth season after a long time. It was 

supposed to arrive in 2020 but as the pandemic hit the world, we can expect it to get released in mid of 2021.

Though there is no official confirmation on the premiering of season five don’t worry we will have season five.

Final words

Considering the the ratings of all the four seasons, they are above 8 so you can expect a fabulous sequel.

So, let’s wait for more twisty and interesting sequal of ‘High School DXD’ 

How did you like the seasons so far? Tell us your experience and stay connected for updates.


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