Hige Wo Soru Season 2 – Updates on Release Date, Characters And Storyline

When it comes to light novels, we can’t always judge a book by its cover – or in this instance, its title. When I was rejected, I shaved my head and took in a high school runaway, which translates to “After Being Rejected, I Shaved My Head and Took in a High School Runaway.” Shimesaba’s novel series drew readers in with a narrative that didn’t fall headlong into ecchi zone, but instead centered on two unexpected characters who help each other grow.

The narrative focuses around Yoshida, a salaryman who discovers Sayu Ogiwara beneath a street lamp after being rejected by his boss. Sayu wants to go home with him and he reluctantly agrees to. That night, after learning of Sayu’s harrowing narrative of being forced to survive on the streets, he is unable to push her out of his house. At one time, more than 400,000 copies of the light novel had been sold (via Anime News Network).

In no time at all, due to Project No. 9, an anime adaptation was created. Earlier this year, the 13-episode series started, and it will conclude on June 28, 2021. Fans on sites like Crunchyroll gave it high marks. Could a second season be in the works with such a great reception?

Hige Wo Soru Season 2 – Updates on Release Date

Unfortunately, neither Project No. 9 nor the author of the original light novel, Shimesaba, have announced a second season of “Higi wa Soru.” Rather than the popularity of the anime series, it’s the primary source that’s at fault. There are only five volumes in the original light novel series, and Kadokawa published the final volume in late June. Additionally, the anime series matched the novels quite well, as well as having the same major storyline ending. Kadokawa stated on Twitter that Shimesaba is working on a few of side tables linked to “Higi wo Soru’s” aftermath.

Because of this, many “Higi wa Soru” fans are yearning for another season even though it has already used most of its short source material. Another season or perhaps a few OVAs could be made from the planned side tales.

The wait for a second season is going to be long, even if they decide to announce one based on the novels. No date has been set for the publishing of the light novels yet. We may not see an anime adaptation until the end of this year or the beginning of 2022 if they are released at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2022, respectively.

Hige Wo Soru Season 2 – Updates on Characters

A second season of “Higi wo Soru” is likely if the first season’s cast is retained. Nevertheless, certain characters are likely to be given greater screen time. It’s probable that Kazuyuki Okitsu and Kana Ichinose’s Yoshida, and Kana Ichinose’s Sayu, will return for a second season, regardless of where the plot takes place. In the end, the tale focuses around these two individuals and their relationship with one other.

A second season based on the new Gaiden novels would change the perspective. A pair of Yoshida’s coworkers and romantic interests from the anime series will be included in the novels: Airi Goto and Yuzuha Mishima. Two of them would be more prominent in a possible second season. Aside from Yoshida and Hashimoto, several other characters, such as Sayu’s mother Mrs. Ogiwara and her friend Asami Yuki, are likely to return in some way.

Hige Wo Soru Season 2 – Updates on Plotline

Season 2 of “Higi wa Soru” would most likely be based on the events of the anime’s last episode. Sayu and Yoshida continue their lives apart in Episode 13 (via Crunchyroll), after Yoshida bids her farewell and departs. Both of them meet again under a street lamp after several years. It’s a cliche to depict the two growing apart and then reconciling, but the series’ author Shimesaba stated that there is still more narrative to be told before they reunite. New light novels are centered around this theme.

There are “many topics” that will be examined between Yoshida and Yuzuha, as well as between Yoshida and Asami, specifically. In addition, a hypothetical Season 2 of the show might draw inspiration from another side project. Aside from that, as Monsters And Critics noted, there is also “Hello, my name is Soru! In each of the stories, “side stories from the series in manga form. Although a new season’s narrative will likely be thin, it might be spiced up with a few amusing sequences or episodes.


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