According to the story, Detective Sergeant Emer Berry uncovered diamonds and cocaine linked to a slew of terrorist acts in Hidden Assets. They pay a large sum of money to a criminal organization to do their dirty work for them when they need it. The inquiry conducted by the two detectives may or may not be successful. Thaddeus O’Sullivan produced the series, which was written and directed by Peter McKenna and Morna Regan. Morna has been named on the BBC’s list of rising stars. According to the network, the sixth and last episode of the six-part thriller series will premiere in 2022. Will there be a second one if the first one is a success?

Is the second season of Hidden Assets scheduled to be released?

RTE will air fresh episodes of Hidden Assets Season 1 on Sundays at 9.30 p.m. until the first two episodes of the season have aired on November 7, 2021. The show’s 8.2/10 rating demonstrates RTE’s ability to produce high-quality drama series. Is a second season of the show in the works? Given the wonderful welcome and accolades it has received, we have no reason to doubt that it will be renewed. The continuation of this program is now awaiting confirmation from RTE. The show’s premiere date has been set for 2022 or 2023.

The Plot of Hidden Assets in Season 2 So, what happens?

The play’s theme is around the power of the family and the consequences of greed. Angeline Ball, an Irish investigator, busts a drug dealer in the opening episode of the crime series. The fact that he was in possession of a bag of rough-cut diamonds that had previously been linked to an explosion in Belgium further adds to the intrigue. Angelina and the other investigators discover that the diamonds are a kind of payment while researching this case. Because the investigation is being directed by Belgian authorities, Angelina Ball and Wouter Hendricx must collaborate to solve the case. The bombing was carried out by a well-to-do family. Despite coming from an aristocratic family in Antwerp, the Branigans of Ireland possess more power than they appear to. Avoid assisting terrorists as soon as possible for Angelina Ball, Wouter, and The CAB.

Who are the Hidden Assets Season 2 cast members?
Who are the Hidden Assets Season 2 cast members?

Who are the Hidden Assets Season 2 cast members?

There’s a significant probability that the majority of the original cast will return. Angelina Ball, who played Emer Berry in the original film, will reprise her role as a detective sergeant. The actress is most known for her portrayal of Imelda Quirke in the film “The Commitments.” Belgian actor and ‘De Infiltrant’ and ‘Cordon’ celebrity Wouter Hendrix adds his experience to the probe (2014). Bibi Melnick, a wealthy trader, is played by Simone Kirby, and Norah Dillon, an accountant, is played by Cathy Belton. Fionn Brannigan is played by Peter Coonan (Peaky Blinders), and Siohban Brannigan is played by Sophie Jo Wasson. The cast also includes Michael Ironside, Jane Brenna, and Aaron Monaghan.

A preview of what’s to come in Hidden Assets Season 2 is not yet available

There is no official trailer for the second season as of this writing. The trailer will be released when the series is resurrected. The first season trailer is available on YouTube and RTE. Acceptable Risk, KIN, and Clean Break are among RTE’s upcoming crime dramas.

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