Hero Galaxy Battel To Earn Nft Project

For all the NFT based games lovers out there, we have come back with some existing news. Another new game called Hero Galaxy. Here is all that we have on the game right now.

Hero Galaxy
Hero Galaxy

Hero Galaxy

This brand-new game is the brainchild of Nikolas Moore, who is the founder and CEO of the game company. The whole team behind the game is new and it is the whole teams first project. The team in general felt like all the NFT based games that are out in the market are not good enough. They say the game will go live on 15th February 2022. The NFT tokens for the game named as WRLD.

To play the game, one will have to get featured in the whitelist that is being prepared by the game developers. You can get on the whitelist by joining the game’s discord. To join the discord though, you will have to be a NFT Worlds member. Even then, entry into the game is not guaranteed on the first day itself.

To play the game on the very first day, you will have to complete various jobs given on the discord of the game. Those who complete the greatest number of jobs will have a higher chance of making it to the whitelist.

The game will require you to have a Hero of your own. You will be able to bread this hero to increase its selling value. You can also use your Hero to take part in various events in the game. At first the game will be like a big PvP arena. Later on, the game developers will add a set of enemies. Like any other NFT based game, you will be able to mint your Hero and in game Artifacts for real money.

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