Here’s Where You’ve Seen the New “Jake” From State Farm Before

If you are the regular viewer of State Farm commercials, you must have noticed a change in it.

Brain wires crossed?

No need to stress upon anything. Just the thing is original Jake has been replaced by new Jake in the ad commercials. 

Let’s say ‘hi’ to former Jake from State Farm!

Jake Stone, an employee of real State Farm, who availed the services of State Farm and in return, became the brand ambassador of that. This happened in 2011. Since then, Jake Stone is nailing his acting in the commercial. 

You all can have a glimpse of commercial having Jake in it-

Now, it is time to say bye to Jake Stone and say hi to new Jake.

Are you ready to say ‘hi’ to new Jake from State Farm?

We know very well that it is quite hard to replace your favourite character of Jake from State Farm your mind. But every end has a new beginning. This applies here too. 

State Farm is giving chance to an actor this time.

Excited to know who?

He is Kevin Miles a.k.a. Kevin Mimmas. You can have a short glimpse of actor in the commercial of Hyundai-

Apart from that, Miles was also seen in ads of eBay, Bose, T-Mobile, and McDonald’s.

Has Kevin acted in commercials only?

No. Kevin was also seen in TV series S.W.A.T. (2010) and Criminal Minds.

Words of Patti Morris:

To all who don’t know, Patti Morris is marketing head of State Farm. On the news of replacement, he says that, “Jake Stone never left any stone unturned to nail his role in the commercial. We are very proud of him and will miss him.”

He added further, “The future role of Jake is very professional and will be able to be nailed by any eminent actor only. This is the only reason why we are replacing him.”

Want to know the reaction of fans after having Jake replaced?

Once we use to see one character in any show, series, movie or even in commercial, we are used to of seeing them again and again. 

Here, we can completely resonate that viewers are also used to of seeing Jake in State Farm ad again and again and replacing him and seeing another character on his place is simply indigestible. 

You can checkout the comment section of following YouTube video and will get to know that how much audience is annoyed after getting the replacement news-

Want to know what State Farm actually is?

State farm basically is a mutual company which makes primary focus on its policyholders only. You won’t believe that the company is giving employment to 58,000 people and 20,000 contractors. 

According to sources, we get to know that State Farm gives services to 83 million people by selling their policies in the field of banking and investment. This is the data of US only. Outside US, you can assume by your own.


We can feel that viewers are not happy on replacement of Jakes. But everything comes great when there is a professional touch. So, there is nothing wrong in giving chance to Kevin and seeing his perfection.


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