Here’s The Spanish crime thriller “Money Heist 5” details about the release date, plot details and more.

Season five of the Spanish criminal drama ‘Money Heist’ premieres on Netflix today. On Friday, September 3, the first volume of ‘La Casa De Papel”s last season will launch.

They foresee a thrilling season replete with high-octane drama and surprises in Netflix’s crime thriller, “The Crown.” As previously announced, lvaro Morte, Ursula Corberó, Itziar Ituo and Najwa Nimri will all return for Season 5 of Money Heist. Read on for more information:

“Money Heist,” a Netflix original series from Spain, debuted in 2017 and quickly became worldwide. The current Netflix record holder for non-English titles is a Spanish criminal drama. All prior records were shattered in the fourth season of Money Heist, which raked in an impressive 65 million views. 

There will be ten episodes in the fifth season, and it will signal the finish of the Bank of Spain robbery. The final season of “Money Heist” wrapped its filming on May 14. There will be two seasons of five episodes each, according to Netflix’s announcements. Vol. 1 will air on September 3, 2021, and Vol. 2 on December 3, 2021.

To celebrate its fifth season, Netflix published the ‘Money Heist 5’ trailer on August 2. An Easter egg can also be found in the trailer. Numerous flashbacks take place, including a possible trip to Tokyo, when her partner was killed by the police, and a trip to Berlin with Tatiana, among others. The two-minute clip shows the gang and The Professor at their most vulnerable. A trigger appears to be Lisbon’s entry into the Bank of Spain as the group tries to cope with Nairobi’s death.

Season five of ‘Money Heist’ will feature three new characters, according to Netflix’s trailer released on August 2. One is Sagasta, the Spanish Army’s commander of special forces. Patrick Criado and Miguel Angel Silvestre are the other two new cast members that have joined the film. Patrick, who will play Rafael in ‘Money Heist 5’, is 24 years old, the youngest cast member.


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