Here’s Grand Theft Auto 5 On An Original Game Boy, Somehow

The love for the Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5 just keeps on growing. Not only more and more players buy and play the game every year, some crazy fans also pull of crazy stunts with the game. Why are we saying all this? Because from trusted sources we have got some crazy news. Read on to find out all about this crazy news.

The Crazy News

The crazy news is this that a tech blogger and coder named Sebastain Staacks has managed to run GTA V on a customized Nintendo Game Boy console. You heard that right, on a Game Boy! Sebastain has disclosed the details of how he achieved this feat. While a detailed explanation of the process that includes source codes and the thoughts behind the idea have been provided by Sebastain on a website, the link to which is here You can check out the link if you have an old Game Boy around and want to modify and run a game of your choice.

For the rest, what Sebastain simply has done is he has modified the Game Boy in such a way that it supports a wi-fi connection. With the wi-fi connection, the console becomes a small screen onto which the contents of a PC screen can be casted. Which means not only GTA V, the console can also stream any other game or video or anything that is on your computer screen. Sebastain has showcased Grand Theft Auto 5 and a few other video games running on the Play Boy in a video that he posted on YouTube on 13th January 2022. Check out the video here to truly embrace the amazing work done by him

The gaming community is really amazed at the feat that Sebastain has achieved

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