Anime is an intriguing way to have fun. They risk locations that are too hard to access, telling things that otherwise are too hard to understand. The reason more people are crazy to watch anime is that storylines don’t repeat themselves, they portray a whole other universe.

Anime explores every kind of storytelling, ranging from science fiction to supernatural, action to romance, with a new torsion. Their innovative and path-breaking works broke the cultural borders of the media in a way that the world had never seen previously.

So, you don’t need to go to a theatre when you want to see your favorite anime movies and tv series with your friends. But, you can enjoy it on TV or a laptop while sitting comfortably at your house.

Here is the list of best harem anime movies that has all you need from love stories to coming-of-age stories to thrills of action. And the best part is, it is all easily available on your favorite platform, Amazon Prime.

1.     A Silent Voice

In 2016, a silent voice was made which was directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida, and produced by Kyoto Animation.

It is based on the manga of the same name, which Yoshitoki Ouima wrote and drew. From February to June 2017 the film premiered internationally.

The plotline starts with a tone of darkness. Shoya Ishida contemplates living and at the last minute, he changes his mind as he remembers his primary school days and incidents which brought him to a grave state of affairs. During the entire movie, Shoya is trying to win redemption for tormenting Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf student of transportation, by joining Shoko in primary school.

2.     Your Name

Your name was finally published in 2016. The movie was produced by Noritaka Kawaguchi and Genki Kawamura and produced by CoMix Wave Films. Directed and written by Makoto Shinkai. Your Name is the highest-rated anime film on Amazon Prime, an original picture that shocked Japan and worldwide to create a beautiful, well-thought-out tale.

It depicts the twin-sided narrative of Mitsuha Miyamiza and Taki Tachibana, two secondary school classmates. For those who did not look, or even for those who could watch the movie from the warmth and comfort of their home.

3.     Millennium Actress

In 2001 Millennium Actress was published. It has been co-written, directed, and produced by Satoshi Kon and Madhouse. The narrative is largely based on actors Setsuko Hara and Hideko Takamine. The story speaks about the life of the retired legend after they leave the Genie studios from bankruptcy and the two documentary directors Chiyuko Fujiwara and Genya Tachibana.

The tale is nevertheless a story when Chiyoko’s life is linked to the scenes from the films Setsuko had shown. Interestingly, the two Japanese speakers playing the lead are real-life storytellers.

4.     Girl’s Last Tour

After the world was smashed as we know by an apocalypse of an unknown kind, two females had remained. They are now on their way in search of food and supplies to remain alive as they’re haunted by the ruin. They will soon encounter others who have survived this catastrophe after spending a lot of time themselves with a mysterious monster that has the power to change shape, etc. The girls show two extreme opposites who work together to thrive. While one knows and enjoys studying the machinery, the other knows his weapons and eats.

5.     Inuyashiki: Last Hero

A public park is affected by a boom that is bringing superhuman powers to the individuals in its proximity. One of these persons is a middle-aged man called Inuyashiki. His life is booked and his family doesn’t find love, and after the powers in him, he finds a new purpose for himself. In aiding and saving people in need, he decides to make a difference in the world. But for the other person who has undergone the same change as Inuyashiki, the reverse occurs completely. He was a teenager overwhelmed by his new skills and determined to help people get rid of them.

He became a psychopath, murdered people only because he loved him, and became one of the world’s most sought-after criminals. Unconscious of the presence of one other, the two pursue their own routes, but soon find they meet.

6.     In This Corner Of The World

It was published in 2016 in this Corner of the World. It has been made by MAPPA and co-authored by Sunao Katabuchi, known as the Black Lagoon Screenwriter. Fumiyo Kouno, a manga writer renowned for her 2004 films Town of Evening Calm and Country of Cherry Blossoms, wrote and drew the film based on the same-named manga.

The tale concentrates on a young woman named Urano Suzu, a kind girl who lives and loves to sketch in the coastal city of Eba in Hiroshima City. It begins in 1943 and continues to affect delicate issues like the American airstrikes on the Japanese mainland through 1945.

7.     The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who was published in 2006 through time. The director was Mamoru Hosoda, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his 8th picture Mirai, issued in 2018 at the 91st Academy Awards. Animated by Madhouse, the narrative depicts the story of a girl who unintentionally gets the power to travel through time based on the science fiction novel of Yasutaka Tsutsui.

Although it has the same subjects, it does have certain distinctions, such as characters. She has been given good reviews since her debut and has been awarded several accolades, including Funimation’s Japan Academy Award for Animation of the Year in 2016.

8.     Blade Of The Immortal

‘Blade Of The Immortal’ is the narrative of an iconic Swordsman who was cursed by a witch with immorality. Based on a very renowned manga series. However, the swordsman begins to bore himself for a long time, then begins to give the witch mortality another time. And he claims he is willing to kill a thousand wicked guys to do it. The major subject of the series is his path to mortality. The animation of ‘Blade Of The Immortal’ wonderfully reflects the atmosphere of the series.

9.     The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

Walk On Girl has been released in 2017. The Night is short. Masaaki Yuasa was the filmmaker who directed The Tatami Galaxy and Devilman Crybaby, a film noted for his chaotic and free-form approach (2018). The movie was based on Tomihiko Morimi’s 2006 novel of the same name.

The award-winning 2-time picture is a spiritual follow-up to The Tatami Galaxy, although it does not follow a few individuals in the same environment like the University. Three university students, Kourokami no Otome (“Black-haired Maiden”), and Senpai accompany a night out. The names of the ladies are Kouhai (“Junior”) (“Senior”). The situations continue to occur and keep the Senpai separate that Night while confessing with its Kouhai.

10.   Classmates

The 2016 release of Classmates. Shoko Nakajima directed it. The 2007 manga of the same name, as written by Asumiko Nakamura and drawn by A-1 Pictures, is the basis of this film. Exactly 1 hour, the movie follows Rihito Sajou, an honor student who scored on his entrance exam perfectly in every subject, and Hikaru Kusakabe, a lad who performs in a girls-famous band. Both are closer as they link up with their music love and start to date. The film addresses age-to-be and is one of LGBTQ+’s most popular anime movies ever.

11.   The Garden Of Words

In 2013, the Garden of Words was published. Makoto Shinkai wrote, directed, and edited it. It has also been animated by ComMix Welle Films, known for animation with you and 5 centimeters per second. The song was a restoration of the 1988 Rain, sung by Motohira Hata. Unlike most of his films that included the composer Tenmon, the soundtrack was made by Daisuke Kashiwa.

The film is about the promising Shoa Macher Takao Akizuki and the enigmatic female Yukari Yukino, whom he continues to encounter on a wet morning in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. For the dark, yet meaningful plot, the film received several accolades and is a fantastic movie for fans of romance.


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