The top five tech news stories of the week are as follows: Every week, we’ll send you a newsletter chock-full of disaster stories and technological gaffes. This week, Apple and Facebook made headlines for the wrong reasons, while Google was investigated by Indian antitrust authorities. Twitter is not far behind, having paid a large sum to settle alleged fraud charges.

1. Twitter

The massive “fraud” settlement with Twitter On September 20, investors who believe Twitter “deceived” them about data received a settlement of $809.5 million (5,960 crores). That means that a trial for Twitter may have been avoided, which could have had far-reaching consequences for the social media behemoth.

2. Google was found to be acting illegally in India.

According to an Indian competition watchdog report, Google engages in anti-competitive behaviour in India in order to maintain its monopoly. The Competition Commission of India’s inquiry body published its findings in a report (CCI). According to the CCI, Google was also accused of anti-competitive practises in the country. As a result of this investigation, Google may face severe penalties or other restrictions imposed by Indian authorities.

3. All devices sold in the EU must support USB-C.

On September 23, the European Union reversed course and mandated a single charging mechanism for all smartphones in the bloc. As a result, mobile devices in the EU can only be charged via USB type-C. This is bad news for Apple because it has long relied on its lightning charger. Tablets, headphones, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices will also require USB Type-C charging. According to the EU, the initiative aims to reduce e-waste. We’re sure Apple has something to say about this. To meet this new challenge, several analysts believe Apple will abandon wired charging entirely.

4. In order to protect its users’ privacy, Facebook hides information from watchdog groups

Using new code, a recent study revealed Facebook’s efforts to prevent users from accessing shared content in its news feed feature. Facebook’s coding appears to prevent third-party observers who review Facebook content from collecting data on the types of content posted on the site. This change, according to Facebook, was made to make the site more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. However, the same analysis revealed that the change could have the opposite effect.

5. Apple Blocked “Fortnite”

Apple has blocked Epic Games’ popular “Fortnite” game indefinitely due to a legal dispute between the company and Epic Games. According to a letter released by Epic CEO Eben Paglen, Fortnite will be barred from returning to the Apple App Store until Epic and Apple resolve their dispute. The issue is that it may take a long time.


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