Are you also a fan of the snake eye and Henry Golding?  Well, fans it seems that this news is for you. 

Paramount pictures have great news for snake eye lovers. If you haven’t watched snake eye in the theatres. Now, it’s time to enjoy it on Television

Paramount entertainment recently announced the dates for the blue ray and digital release. So, plan to purchase premium digital or premium VOD today, August 17, 2021. 

Furthermore, 4K ultra-HD, blue ray and DVD we have to wait till 19 October 2021 in which it includes a short film about snake eye legendry sword, morning light. 

There is other exciting news for G.I. joe fans. Paramount will release a collectible steel book combo for G.I. Joe on Blue-ray, 4K ultra-HD and digital which features G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Snake Eye: G.I. Joe origin. 

Snake Eye G.I. Joe Origins Blu-ray Features

The HD, 1080p with Dolby Atmos of Snake Eye, blue ray will be accessible along with its great features. These are posted through a press release. Check out features down below: 

  • Morning Light: A Weapon with Stories to Tell – Discover the secrets of Snake Eyes’ legendary sword, Morning Light, in this all-new short film
  • Deleted Scenes – What you didn’t see in theatres
  • Enter SNAKE EYES – Find out what it took to bring the iconic hero’s origin story to life
  • A Deadly Ensemble – Meet fan-favorite heroes, villains, and new characters in the G.I. JOE franchise
  • Arashikage – Dive into the elite ninja warrior world of the Arashikage clan

In the end, 

We know your curiosity for the updates. Considering the same,we suggest you to hurry, buy premium digital,  and stay tuned with us on updates for 4K ultra-HD and Blue Ray that has time till October 19, 2021.


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