Helpful Tips to Start Your Etsy Shop

Etsy is a popular platform for selling items like vintage pieces, handmade products or craft supplies. The benefits of having a built-in customer base can be a big advantage. It isn’t that hard to start an Etsy shop because you have step-by-step instruction guides to follow. From photos and pricing to customer research and marketing, here are some helpful tips to start your shop. 

  1. Build a solid brand

 It’s not enough just to have a few products you want to sell. You need to take time to plan before you launch your shop. Unless you have a recognizable, cohesive brand identity, it will be very difficult to stand out on Etsy. You need to decide on a shop name that helps customers immediately recognize what you sell and is easy to remember. Try to choose a name that reflects your style and products. It can help to make a list of words you want to be associated with your business, such as fun, elegant or trendy. 

Your logo, slogan and brand colors also need careful thought. They should work together to give customers a memorable impression when they visit your shop. This will make them want to tell others about it. 

  1. Price your products correctly

As a beginner, it can be difficult to decide how to price your products. You need to make a certain amount of profit to sustain your business. It’s important to include all your expenses, such as material costs, time spent, packaging, labeling, printing etc. You can try searching for similar items to use to check average price points. 

When considering how much Etsy sellers make, it is evident that those who sell physical items tend to make more. Partnership with a print-on-demand service enables you to turn digital art into physical products. Put your artwork on physical items like mugs, t-shirts, stationery, etc. and a print will only be made once a customer places an order. Low costs, fast turnaround times, and no need to store inventory are some of the benefits of using a print-on-demand service.

  1. Take beautiful photos

Your images can set you apart from other shops and products on Etsy. When customers can’t see a physical product, you have to tempt them with high-resolution, clear and stylized photos. Your photos will play a critical role in a purchase decision. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy expensive equipment. You can use a smartphone. Make sure the lighting is natural as using a camera flash can create an unnatural appearance. 

A basic listing should include about five photos. The first photo should be clear and well-lit. Other photos should show the product from different angles, and another should show close-up details. Showing the scale of the item is also important 

  1. Use SEO for higher Etsy rankings

If you want buyers on Etsy to find your products, you will need to search for popular keywords they use to search. Etsy wants to match search queries with the right products. The more relevant they are to the search, the higher the products will rank. Use the keywords you find in the product title and description. You can also add tags to help customers find your products. Using phrases is better than using single terms. For example, ‘slim, leather laptop case’ is better than using ‘slim,’ ‘leather,’ and ‘laptop case.’ 

The more product listings you create using appropriate keywords, the more chances customers have of finding them. If you only have a few products to sell at first, think about creating separate listings for every variation or color you offer. 

  1. Spread the word about your shop

Word of mouth and customer reviews are just two of the ways you can get your shop noticed. A positive review from a customer on social media could boost your sales exponentially. If you have built up good relationships with your followers on social media and regularly share useful information with them, you could use this to increase your Etsy sales. You could create giveaways or special offers to encourage them to visit your shop. 

  1. Be flexible

When you have a shop on Etsy, you have to be open to making changes. The Etsy algorithm changes, market trends change, and you need to analyze customer feedback. Keeping on track with what’s selling can help you to keep giving customers what they want.  


Starting an Etsy shop is easy but it will take a concerted effort to make it successful. Standing out from other shops can be difficult and requires developing a strong brand, constantly adding new listings, using the right keywords, taking good photos and much more. Hopefully, the above six tips will give you more ideas on how to set up an Etsy shop. 


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