Helen George From ‘Calls The Midwife’ Has Special Holiday Special!

Think that It is December of the year 1965. The caring nurses, all the midwives, and nuns from, Nonnatus House are named as the protector patron saint for the birth of a Child. The atmosphere is different, the London’s scrappy east end are delighted to spend Christmas and are preparing to have a Traditional Christmas. These things are happening and you have to hold the figgy pudding.

‘Call The Midwife’ show knows how to impress and has a tradition to serve something special or a surprise at the Holiday’s special.

Nurse Franklin got an awesome gift from her godmother!

What if I say that your Christmas present is a book to prepare for exams, what will be your reaction? You must be singing while jumping right? No? oh, I got no one wants a gift like that. But glamorous, unflappable Nurse Trixie Franklin got something like this from her godmother.

She got a subscription to the Marriage bureau. Who loves these kinds of gifts? An old-aged Bachler? Yes. This is one example that how the show completes its tradition of giving gifts.

Helena George always finds something to laugh about. When she listened to that she said How Rude!? And burst into laughing imagining that she is going on various disastrous dates with different men. Some may be too old, some too young, some very much chatty, some will be shy. 

George added that Shelagh played by Laura Main who is a nurse and a mom too can’t come this Christmas and it will have an effect on everyone. Significantly, Shelagh has an unexpected meeting which has pushed her into the birth of a child with a meaning to it and her elderly sister Monica Joan played by Judy Parfitt has been rushed into the hospital. 

For George joy arrives in the form of a color full circus. What fatigue quarantined cast can imagine and this was a special treat. George added that none of them had ever seen this kind of recreational fun to end the year. 

George seems very happy as she claimed this surprise as an escape to the year which just blows warmth and love and that’s what is Christmas about, spreading love and happiness. George in the end said that the surprise was everything they needed.


Having this kind of tradition is just beautiful to see and most important the dedication to follow the tradition every time has shown us by the show. 

What are your views about the show? Share with us and let us know the kind of surprises you like!


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