HCL Tech signs multi-year agreement with Proximus, based in Belgium.

A multi-year strategic relationship between HCL Technologies Ltd. Proximus Group, a top-tier provider of digital services and communications solutions from Belgium, was also revealed. Specifically, the agreement states that the organization will receive assistance in reorganizing its data center business and establishing a more resilient digital foundation.

Specifically for Proximus and its internal processes, HCL will help them achieve much greater flexibility and dependability as a platform for future company innovation and expansion in both the Belgium and Netherlands market sectors (respectively).”

According to a press release from the firm, this is correct

As stated in a release, HCL Tech intends to invest in a dedicated innovation lab, which will provide Proximus with exclusive access to the company’s intellectual property as well as its products and partnership ecosystem, among other things. Proximus will be able to develop novel 5G and internet of things (IoT) solutions, as well as new business models, in the future by leveraging HCL’s telecom and technology domain knowledge. Among other things, HCL and Proximus will use the innovation lab to teach their staff in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven operations and automation, agile infrastructure management, and cloud-native programming, among other things.

Making the Belgian cloud environment and digital services competitive is something we are looking forward to achieving as a team in the near future. Additionally, HCL’s investment in a dedicated lab will assist the company in its efforts to create the next generation of digital talent in Belgium. The company’s investment will also help the company promote innovation and growth in the country.” C. Vijayakumar, the chief executive officer and managing director of HCL Technologies, was one of those who spoke.

Proximus Group has signed a multi-year agreement with HCL Technologies

 For the Benelux region, we are launching a Hybrid Next-Generation Cloud portfolio.  A multi-year strategic relationship between HCL Technologies and Proximus Group, Belgium’s top digital services and communications solutions provider, has been signed. The partnership will help HCL restructure its data center business and build a more resilient digital foundation. HCL will assist Proximus and its internal business in achieving significantly improved levels of flexibility and dependability, which will serve as the platform for driving future business innovation and accelerating growth in the Belgian and Dutch markets. For Proximus, which has a big client base and more than 11,000 employees, HCL will create a Hybrid Next-Generation Cloud portfolio to assist them. The integrated solution offerings from HCL and Proximus will also be available to mid-market and government organizations in the Benelux region, among other things.


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