Hbo Streaming Raised By Wolves! Skip It Or Stream It?

Are you a fan of science fiction in the search of new binge worthy series? If yes, then we have a series for you. It is not new but one of those not so explored series. Ahead are all the details about this show to help you to decide, whether to watch it or skip it.

 Raised By Wolves
About Raised By Wolves

About Raised By Wolves

The show was created by Aaron Guzikowski. Ridley Scott, Luke Scott, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Alex Gabassi and James Hawes all directed different episodes of the show. The production for the show was handled by Film Afrika, Lit Entertainment, Shadycat Productions and Scott Free Productions. The trailer for the show was released by the YouTube channel of HBO Max on 28th August 2020. Here it is for you to watch

The show released on HBO Max on 3rd September 2020.

Plot And Cast

The series is about two androids who end up on the planet Kepler-22b after Earth as become barren. The two androids have 6 human embryos that they breed using some special containers. 6 kids are born and the two androids start to raise them like a mother and father.

Years pass and eventually only one child survives. The father android decides the kid now should go with rest of the remaining humans on the artificial ark called Mithraic and calls the humans. The mother android though has lost faith in humans. A fight breaks out between the mother and father androids.

The mother android kills the father along with humans that arrive to take away the child.

Amanda Collin plays the part of mother android. Abubakar Salim of the father android and Winta McGrath as the only kid that survives.

If you are into sci-fi then do watch this show on HBO Max where it is available for streaming right now.

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