Hbo Streaming Adventure Of The Ring! Skip It Or Stream It?

Asian romantic comedies are very delightful to watch. Streaming services like HBO Max, Amazon Prime and Netflix give us the appropriate number of Asian shows to watch like always. Keeping the tradition going HBO Max Is bringing a successful Asian romantic comedy on to the web really soon. Find out all that Is there to know about the show.

Adventure Of The Ring
Adventure Of The Ring

Adventure Of The Ring

It is an TV series that released in 2020. The show has been directed by Toyoharu Kitamura and Nelson Yeh. The story of the show has been written by Lai Iwei. Good Image and Taipei Film Commission are the production houses for the show. The show originally premiered on the HBO and HBO Go TV channel across Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. The show is now set to release on the HBO Max streaming service on 10th February 2022.

Cast And Plot

The show stars Denny Huang, Chris Wang and Janet Hsieh.

The main plot of the show revolves around an engagement ring. The engagement ring travels from one couple to another showing us the different adventures these couples go through when they come in contact with this particular ring.

In the three countries this show so far has premiered in, it has been a hit. Due to this great response the show has already gathered an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10. People really enjoyed watching the show during the pandemic time.

The show provided the much-needed comic relief during those stressful days. The actors in the show have acted very naturally and they make you laugh without much effort. The show so far as only completed one season and this single season was a big hit.

Adventure of the Ring is going to be a show that you will be able to watch with your family without any trouble. It is a really wholesome experience watching it with everyone.

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