HBO, Michael Jackson Case Headed to Arbitration

Hope you all have heard about the movie “Leaving Neverland” holding a lot of controversies. The HBO taking the charge to resolve and stream the movie from the last century.

On Monday, the clause of 1992 dealing with HBO and Michael Jackson movie is still valid after 28 years. A lawsuit was filed in February 2019 by the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate and Optimum Productions. 

What was in the agreement?

There was an agreement of “besmirch Jackson” and showing “Finding Neverland” by HBO was the violation to this agreement. Meanwhile, fans of Jackson are saying that the movie was biased and inaccurate. HBO should not stream it. 

It is the short clip of celebrities reacting to the movie. This clip also involves the reaction of Michael Jackson’s family-

They showed the lawsuit filed as, “badly disguised and legally defamation claim”. They even sued them under anti-SLAPP statute of California. 

What is said by 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals?

According to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, Wu, judge of the court says that, “The both sides of opponents should not argue that 1992 Bucharest Live contract was made after the mutual consent and it includes the arbitration provision”. It also depicts the whole case as “explained and demanding”.

What is the Arbitration Clause?

According to the clause, “It was used to bind all the parties even if the contract is very old. HBO never broke the clause and valid agreement. Because arbitration clause is in there. But the case has been snatched till the date. So, according to the treaty, valid arbitration agreement was still existing.”

Justice by the court:

The contract in the arbitration clause has not expired. It was covering all the Michael Jackson’s ongoing confidentiality obligations. It is the work of court to decide whether the claim is logical or not.

At the present, HBO is not ruling the comments. 

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