HBO Max’s And Just Like That Review

The sequel of the 2000s popular TV show named Sex and the City is finally here. The new sequel named ‘And just like that has hit the HBO max streaming service with 4 episodes. Here is a detailed review of the new show that will help you in deciding should you watch the show or skip it. 

HBO Max’s And Just Like That Review

The sequel once again picks up the story of the trio named Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York-Golden Blatt. As the new show is set in today’s time, the three of them are not young and beautiful anymore. The trio is no more looking for young boys at parties. They are almost 50 years old now and are looking for permanent things in life. The main character of Carrie is now a social media personality and runs a podcast for her revenue. Miranda is now a human rights defender and Charlotte is now a seasoned mother. The three of them are now battling the challenges that age now has thrown at them. The trio is still likable and funny as usual but now the jokes are more like the dreaded dad jokes. Sara Jessica Parker is doing a great job in reprising her role in Carrie.

The same goes for Cynthia Nixon who plays Miranda and Kristin Davis though is taking her time to readjust into the lot of Charlotte. ‘And just like that’ also includes black characters like Dr. Nya Wallace. The show has some new young actors in it as well. The most prominent among them is Sara Ramirez who plays the role of Che Diaz. This new character gives us glimpses of the previous show. 

If you watched Sex and the City when it came out then you will like this new show as you have aged with the show. 

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