HBO Max Streaming Somebody Somewhere Season Premiere This January 2022! Watch It Or Skip It, Let’s Know!

Comedy has the power to make the most difficult times easier and much more bearable. HBO understands this and thus it entertains us with its original comedy shows. HBO is staring the New Year with laughter by introducing its latest original comedy show ‘Somebody Somewhere’. Following are all the details about the show that are available at this point of time.

Somebody Somewhere

After a really long time, HBO itself has made an original comedy show which is not exclusive to its streaming service HBO Max. The new show has been directed by Robert Cohen and Jay Duplass. The number of episodes are unknown, but we do know that some episodes have been directed by Robert and some by Jay. The story for the episodes have been written by three people who are Patricia Breen, Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen. HBO released a trailer for the show on their YouTube channel on 15th December 2021. Here is a link for the same The show will premiere on HBO at 10:30 PM (ET) on 16th January 2022. It will release on HBO Max at the same time.

Plot And Cast

‘Somebody Somewhere’ is the story of a woman named Sam. She is a newbie at a town. Even though jolly on the outside, she is finding it difficult to blend in her new surroundings. She finds it difficult to fit among her neighbors and her neighbors find it difficult to accommodate her. At last, her singing talent comes handy and she is able to find her place in the new community. Bridget Everett will play the role of Sam.

The show is going to be the perfect blend of heart warming and funny. Do not miss it when it comes out on 16th.


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