HBO Max Streaming Astral Journey (Aka Jornada Astral), Max Original Season 1 This January 2022! Watch It Or Skip It, Let’s Know!

Within the next few days, a lot of new content going to make its way do the HBO Max streaming service. The service has kept us amazed with the long list of nostalgic releases since 1st January 2022. But now the HBO Max original series are making a comeback. So, let’s start with astral journey.

Astral Journey

Also known as Jornada Astral, this new TV show came out on the HBO TV channel on 21st December 2021. The show has been created by Carol Albuquerque. Carla Barros and Isabel Nascimento Silva are the directors of the show. The show has 12 episodes. HBO released the trailer for the show on 15th December 2021. Here is the link for the same

Just like all the other shows on HBO TV channel, Astral Journey is also coming to HBO Max after a month of its TV release. Whoever has HBO Max subscription will be able to stream all 12 episodes from 20th January 2022.

Cast And PLot

As this is a talk show everyone appearing on it have appeared as themselves.  The show is hosted by three people who are Angelica, Paula Pires, Victor Di Castro.

The main host of the show is Angelica. Paula and victor are the two astrologers present in the show. The show is like this that two celebrities who share the same zodiac sign and together with Angelica they dwell into the past, present and future with the help of the two astrologers.

The show is not a regular talk show that we are very familiar with. It really goes deep into the life of the celebrities bringing out facts that were very unknown till now. As the concept of the show is knew it got a mixed reaction which is justified buy an IMDb rating of it 6 .6 out of 10.

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