Has Sony Become The Entertainment Group It Always Wanted To Be?

In the world of entertainment, everyone wants total control in every department of the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry on a whole is all about good TV shows, music, movies, and games. While the big giants like Netflix on Amazon do have the movie and TV factor. They lag behind in the music and gaming department. In this situation, Sony looks to be the best company that can achieve total control. Here is why we are saying all this.

The Rise Of Sony

Slowly but steadily Sony has built up the near-perfect entertainment company. They started out as simple tech makers. Then slowly they started to buy music companies, Hollywood studios, and then they went on to purchase the PlayStation group. At that time a lot of people had raised questions as whether these investments would pay off. Years later PlayStation is the best gaming console available in the market, Spotify and TikTok are among the best music streaming and content creating platforms, the Spiderman movies they have made are among the best-grossing films. What is even more surprising is that it is not a Netflix show like Squid Games or an Amazon show like Arrow that is on the top of the list of the most-streamed TV program in America. It is the Sony entertainment owned Seinfeld. All these things indicate that Sony is very near to becoming the entertainment giant it always has dreamt of being.

As always have been the case with Sony though, the company is right now looking to invest in EVs. Yes, it is true that EV’s are the future of transportation. Our normal petrol and diesel vehicles will soon make the air we breathe so toxic that we may have to carry portable oxygen tanks with us. EVs may then sound like a good option for Sony but is it a necessary one? After all, Sony is an entertainment company. They have experience in that field and have really worked hard to get where they are right now.

In this situation one is forced to ask a question that is, is Sony doing the wise thing by investing in EVs. Is it worthwhile to risk the entertainment company?

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