Happy Season 3: Is it Officially Renewed? Everything You Need To Know!

In the last couple of days, talks about Happy season 3 of the dark comedy series had started to surface. The talks were surfacing because a rumor abounded that ‘Happy’ had been renewed for a season 3. Is this true? The answer lies ahead. 

Happy Season 3: Is it Officially Renewed?

No, ‘Happy’ has not been renewed for season 3. In fact, the show was canceled by Syfy way back in 2019, right after the conclusion of season 2 in May. The main reason given by Syfy was that the viewership of the show had dropped significantly. With less than even a quarter of a million viewers watching the show at the time of the season 2 finale, ‘Happy’ was not pulling in the profits for Syfy. Thus, the decision to cancel the show altogether was made. Thus, any source claiming that ‘Happy’ season 3 has been greenlit is simply spreading false rumors. The question that arises in mind is, why did the viewership of the show drop?

The reason behind the drop in viewership

‘Happy’ was made out of a comic book series of the same name written by Grant Morrison. Those people who have read the comic and watched the show on Syfy, say that the story of the series is better suited for a comic than live-action TV series. Many also said that the narrative of the show became predictable as the episodes went by. For some, the narrative also seemed ridiculous and after a certain point repetitive. All these factors contributed to the declining viewership of the show across its two seasons. So, is there any hope for a season 3? Let’s see that next.

Hope for Happy Season 3

With Syfy cancelling the show, the only hope for ‘Happy’ season 3 is that if another network or OTT platform takes up the show. In 2021, it was reported that Netflix was considering renewing the show. After the initial buzz though, there has been no further updating on the matter till now. If at all Netflix or any other OTT platform takes up the show, then production will take time, and thus it is safe to say that season 3 could only come out in 2024. The same crew and cast from seasons 1 and 2 could make season 3. The fact remains that, for now, nothing is confirmed and we do not see things getting confirmed soon. 

If the show at all makes a comeback with some other TV network or OTT platform, then its creators will have to come up with a storyline that is fresh and not very repetitive. Because if the fans feel that season 3 is more or less the same as seasons 1 and 2, then the show will get sacked for good with no chance of a comeback.

So, if you are a fan of the show, then you can only pray that the show gets picked up by some TV network or OTT platform. 

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