If you are a true gamer then you must have heard about the action RPG game Hades. You must have gone crazy to play the game but a lot of people could not lay their hands on it as the game was too costly. Well now it’s your chance. 


We are saying that now is your chance as the game is on sale at Best Buy for $20. The deal is live only till 6th January 2021. You can also purchase the game from Steam or Epic Games Store. Buying it from the Epic Game Store will earn you a $10 discount on the Mrp. The sale will end at 10AM. Head to the following link to buy it now.



The game got released in month of September, 2020. The game was developed by the Super Giant Games. In the game you will control the son of Hades whose name is Zagreus. Zagerus is trying to get out of the underworld. The players have help Zagerus do this. There are many mini games and adventures in the game.  The game is so popular that it won The Best Indie & The Best Action Game of 2020. The game won these awards at the 2020 game award that happen in the month of December. The game is for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Well what are you waiting for? Head to the link given above and start your Hades journey now. Do tell us about your gaming experience in the comment box.


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