Hades Has Become The First Game Ever To Win A Hugo Award

The Hugo Awards ceremony for 2021 created another big headline for the print media. The award ceremony continued its tradition this year of awarding a special award under a special category. Which Hugo award are we talking about? Who won the award? Find out all that below.

The Special Category

 A Hugo Award
A Hugo Award

The Hugo awards are traditionally for the world of literature; mainly it is for the novels, short stories and, etc. Since 2006 the award includes a special category every year. This year the organizers decided to have a Best Video Game award category.

Games like The Last of Us Part 2, Blaseball, Spiritfarer, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Animal Crossing: New Horizon and Hades were the nominations for this one-off award. In a spectacular fashion, Hades won the award.

The Supergaint Games company are the creators of the winning game. Their creative director Greg Kasavin thanked the organizers for giving them the award. He went on to say that it meant a lot for the to win a Hugo award.

He admits that they had a tough competition and that they were lucky to win the award from the other companies behind the other games.

He also said that his team at Supergaint Games have always worked towards establishing a harmonious balance between science-fiction and fantasy.

Their game Hades helped them realize a great deal of this vision. If they have won the award today, it has only been possible due to the hard work of all the men and women at Supergaint Games says Greg.

He adds on that their hard work has been rewarded and they are thankful to the Hugo Awards function organizers for introducing the award category they are winners of this year.

 If you haven’t played Hades yet, then go download it now.

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