Guilt series two Details you know about plot, release date! Cast to include Downton Abbey star

A new season of BAFTA-winning drama Guilt will soon be on our televisions after a lengthy wait. Jamie Sives from Chernobyl and Line of Duty’s Mark Bonnar will reprise their roles in the four-part series. In other words, what will the second series be? Here’s all you need to know about the premise, release date, and cast of the second season of Guilt.

When will the Guilt series release?

Despite the fact that the BBC has yet to release an official start date for the new season of Guilt, they have stated that it will air somewhere in the fall after production completed earlier this year in Scotland.

Who will be casting for the Guilt series?

Mark Bonnar, who played Max in Line of Duty, will reprise his role, while Jamie Sives will reprise his role as Jake, Max’ In addition, Phyllis Logan from Downton Abbey and Sara Vickers from Endeavour will appear in the second season, as well as Bodyguard star Stuart Bowman.

What Guilt series is about?

Series two of Guilt has yet to be officially announced, but the BBC has given some information on what fans may anticipate, stating that the four new episodes will start up where series one left off.

Steve Carson, BBC Scotland’s Head of Multi-Platform Commissioning, said: “Because Neil Forsyth was able to combine humor and drama, as well as a stellar ensemble, the movie Guilt was a must-see. It’s hard to predict what path Neil would take his characters in, now that remorse has finally caught up with them.”


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