A recent insider has claimed that there is a possibility where the Rock star is likely to release Grand Auto Theft VI.Speculation from a rock star reputable insider had led fans to believe GTA 6 will be revealed in 2022. As of right now, the rock star has yet to officially announce a tease GTA 6.

The developer recently released the poorly received GTA remastered. Most previously notable battlefield leaker Tom Henderson insisted that we might not see GTA6 till 2025.

It might not be surprising that Rockstar will deliver this game on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. This is according to leaker AcocuntNGt who has agrand that they will release this generation soon. It is also worth noting that GTA VI is the firstever GTA title in a rock star worldwide production. 

Release Date And Leaks

 Let’s just assume that this information is correct. And when can we expect this announcement to arrive well it is guaranteed that it’s not going to happen till March of this year.

So, the thing we know is going to be happening in march and rock stars will release GTA 6 and enhance GTA V for the ps5 and Xbox series.

So, it seems no chance till March. Rockstar usually makes announcements for such games in December.  Also, GTA 5 was released too in November 3rd. There is might be a chance to release between that period. Rockstar has a bad history of delaying the updates and releasing the stuff. 

At the time of RDR, GTA 5 and RDR 2 they stretch the release. Although if it’s announced later in 2022 the rock star could stretch that to 2024. The most likely thing is maybe something for expanded and enhanced GTA5. 

After the rumours, all the GTA fans are super eager to hear some official updates. What do you think about these speculations? Tell us and keep reading!

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