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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes and sectors are embracing digital transformation. In order to be successful, companies must be efficient across the board, rather than just being mobile or hybrid. It’s a situation that even digital-native start-ups can recognise and overcome with the right support.

Due to this, Dell Technologies and MeitY Startup Hub have partnered to help Indian startups build their digital futures and transform their business models while also ensuring smooth operations and long-term success. Developed by the Government of India, the MeitY Start-up Hub is a government-led effort to help India’s deep-tech sector develop. Thus, a vibrant startup ecosystem will develop, and technological innovation will be boosted as a result of this policy shift.

Because of their partnership, aspiring entrepreneurs can receive guidance, market outreach, and technology support from MSH and Dell mentors. Thus the association aims to promote and strengthen India’s startup ecosystem in order to create world-class startups and a thriving economy. We value inclusive and sustainable development in India highly. As we move into the post-pandemic era, technology will have a significant impact on how education is delivered. Our children’s education relies heavily on new ideas and cutting-edge technology. We’re working with Dell Technologies to create cutting-edge educational materials and programmes.”

Over 3,000 startups will benefit from this collaboration

 according to MeitY’s Startup Hub. To make IT infrastructure more accessible to startups, Dell is offering special discounts on both its clients’ and infrastructure’s solutions. By implementing these solutions, companies will be able to provide their employees with the most up-to-date technology, enhancing their business’ overall resilience. When it comes to business technology, Dell’s solutions will be indispensable and affordable.

To achieve self-sufficiency, Indian startups have relied on the help of both job creators and job creators. Increasing employability, generating revenue, and innovating are all goals of successful startups. By providing entrepreneurs with resources other than money, it is possible to improve break-even and long-term viability for their businesses.

Goswami announced that the Startup EDGE programme would be launched in partnership with MSH. Using this program’s cutting-edge and industry-best infrastructure, startups will have a competitive advantage over their rivals. Due to their assistance in keeping things running smoothly and efficiently, these services will be beneficial to our startup ecosystem. To help close the digital divide in India, Dell is hosting an exclusive competition for edtech startups in the country. With Dell’s help, the winners will create an effective marketing strategy, gain visibility as a Dell Partner Ecosystem partner, and provide valuable services to customers.”

For the hacking competition, Dell will fund the creation of a microlab and give the winners a year’s worth of access to the company’s technology labs and centres of excellence in order to help them get started quickly. Aside from IT infrastructure, Dell will also provide startups with webinars and knowledge series led by domain experts on topics such as innovative technology trends, cost-effective digital infrastructure, etc.


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