Grimes’ New Video For “Player Of Games”

Grimes has finally entered a new era. Her social media accounts had teased a glimpse of the music video for her new single “Player of Games,” which she released on Wednesday on her YouTube page (Dec. 22).

Grimes embraces a mysterious figure (dubbed the Dark King) in an all-metal suit while wearing her white-blonde wig and no other clothing. As a result, it appears that their relationship is strained: the otherworldly video shows the two adversaries engaged in a series of intense chess and lightsaber battles.

If I didn’t care about him, I’d make him stay. However, he must be the best/. Grimes sings the chorus at one point in the song, saying, “If I loved him any less/ I’d make him stay/ Player of games,” referring to the character’s role as a game player.

Player Of Games
Player Of Games

New Album

The 33-year-old has yet to release a new album, though the title “Chapter 1 of Book 1” suggests otherwise. The Canadian singer took to Instagram a few weeks ago to share ethereal photos of herself dressed as a mythical being.

Miss Anthropocene, Grimes’ latest album, was released on February 12, 2020. The album spent two weeks at No. 32 on the Billboard 200. Grimes also announced the formation of NPC, an AI girl group, and the release of their debut single, “A Drug From God,” in November.

Grimes Has Released A New Music Video For “Player Of Games”

Anton Tammi was inspired by Grimes’ creative direction and the storey behind the video. In the current video, a villain known as the Dark King (Andre Pishchalnikov) battles Grimes with swords and chess. You can view it right here.

Grimes and Illangelo co-released “Player of Games” earlier this month. This song appears on the soundtrack of Rocket League’s most recent season.

Grimes founded an AI girl group called NPC last month, and a new song called “A Drug from God” was released. She was also a judge on the singing competition show Alter Ego. Miss Anthropocene, her most recent album, was released in 2020.

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