“EWar Grand Gadget Tournament” was recently unveiled by Bengaluru-based video game company EWar Games. In order to earn a range of gadgets, players can participate in the Grand Gadget Tournament. Tournaments for the Grand Gadget will be held every week.

Gadgets tournament hosted by Ewar

You can participate in the Grand Gadget Tournament with no cost at all. The competition will run from Monday through Saturday each week. Prizes will be given out on Sundays. Before installing the EWar app, participants must first register on the competition’s official website.

Parth Chadha, CEO and Founder of EWar Games, said the company is “thrilled” to announce the Grand Gadget Tournament. 

As a way of rewarding and recognising top players on EWar’s mobile gaming platform, and also to encourage more individuals to play and win even more beautiful devices, this programme was created.” 

As we increase the number of EWar DAUs (daily active users) weekly, we will be able to meet our long-term growth target. 

Aside from rewarding and encouraging the best players, we’re hoping that the Gadget Tournament will encourage our users to engage more regularly with EWar, especially if they see or use the gadgets they have won in their daily life,” says a statement from EWar.

EWar Grand Gadget Tournament:
EWar Grand Gadget Tournament

Beginning on November 22nd and ending on November 27th, the first EWar Grand Gadget Tournament will be held. Ludo will be the first game in the competition. Casual and hyper-casual tournament play have been defined by the company. Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Carrom are all included in the event’s selection.

There will be smartphones, Alexa devices, Bluetooth speakers, and other gadgets given to the top three finishers in the Grand Gadget Tournament Each tournament would have a reward pool of Rs 11,000 in cash, according to the company. These players are expected to finish in the top 50 of the tournament.

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