Government Wants You To Update Your IPhone, IPad, And Other Gadgets

IT ministry’s Indian computer response team has warned all the Apple users. It includes all the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iMac, and other Apple gadgets.

Furthermore, the warning says that there are many liabilities found in the devices that can be used by anyone for their benefit. The hacker can take all the personal information of the users by using some arbitrary code.

The hackers will themselves not hack anything directly but ask the users to run some applications. Once the user runs this application and hacker will disclose all the personal accountants by arbitrary code.

Why update is important

Why It Is Important

Apple service has tried to fix all the CVE with the new update of all the apple devices. This update already come to the market. All the users have to update all their apple devices to prohibit fraud.

Not only Apple but recently CERT has warned the google chrome users. The warning says that there are lots of vulnerabilities found in chrome that can be attacked by remote hackers to crack the arbitrary code.

To resolve this issue company has already made a new update for all the chrome users. The update is already in the market. You only need to update your gadget to be beware of these hackers.

Apple was known for its security. Most all the users are using Apple because of the security system. But now when these types of incidents are happening in Apple. It shakes all the users and they are worried about their privacy.

But within the time of complaint Apple also find the solution to resolve the problem. Just update your gadget and you are all safe from hackers. But will these incidents stop in the future or continue to scare the users?

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